Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


After Jakob had read his poem, entitled: A Plea to Miriam Apfelbaum, aloud, Dada and Magda sat silently embarrassed, while Miriam beamed and said "thankyou," then turned to her friends: "it's a joke really, Jakob may be making a name for himself as an avant garde poet and playwright, but he's actually a sentimental bourgeois, typically Jewish – he puts all his cynicism and anarchism into words but his actions tell the true story; and she showed them the engagement ring she was wearing for the first time and told them it had arrived at her parents flat, almost hidden in the middle of a bouquet of chrysanthemums! "if you think his poems in German sound revolutionary, you should hear his Yiddish; his Mamma can swear like a trooper in Yiddish but in German she is a typical, middle-class hausfrau who wouldn't say 'Scheiße to a Gans'! by the way in Yiddish that's 'Fick zu einer Gans'!" and it was Magda who spoke first: "from my own Mamma I learned Yiddish already, and my Pappa German, his fater's name was Blumenthal but my Pappa shortened it to Blume, because his Florist Shop is called Blume's," and Dada, who had told them about his experience under Dr Freud's hypnosis said: "while I was with my mother, in the regression, as Dr Freud calls it, we had a visit from her old school friend, a Jewish woman, Mrs Fischbein, and she told us a story about her husband; he has a Fish Shop in Trier and one day he had just painted a new sign outside and a couple of guys he knows stopped to admire it: Solly Fischbein - Fresh Fish Sold Here Daily and one of them, the taller asked: "how many days a week are you open?" and he replied: "six, I only close on Sabbath; my wife tells me I work to hard, how does she know, she's never here, the nearest she gets to a fish is when she eats it!" so the tall guy says: "well paint out Daily cause the market is open every day except Sabbath and you're here with the door open!" so Solly paints out the offending word; then the little guy asks: "where do you sell your fish? you got another shop?" and Solly shrugs: "do I look like an entrepreneur? how could I be at two shops at the smae time?" and the little guy says: "paint out Here, cause this is where your shop is!" so Solly paints out the second unnecessary word; then the tall guy asks: "do you give fish away?" and Solly looks daggers at him: "maybe an entrepreneur I'm not, but I'm a shopkeeper and shops sell things, if I gave them away my kids should run to school barefoot?" and the tall guy says: "paint out Sold, it's obviously and in a market and shops in markets sell stuff!" and agreeing with that, which he felt sounded just like he had said himself, painted it out; then the small guy asks: "before we turned the corner we knew there was a fish shop here, we could smell it, and in the window we can see it, so what's with the word Fish?"and although he could have said that they already knew it was a fish shop because they bought fish from him regularly, as did their wives, but he understood their reasoning, so he just painted it out; and when the tall guy asked: "without the word Fish, is there any point in the word Fresh?" and Solly swept it away with his paintbrush; and the tall guy asked: "do many people know you got a shop here, Solly?" and Solly bristled: "all the people in Trier know about Fischbeine's Fish Shop - four generations of Fischbeines have been running this shop, it's the best in town!" and the tall guy patted him on the shoulder: "we know that Solly, that's how we come here to buy our fisf from you, four generations of our families and everyone else's, so do you insult their intellegence? or is it in case they think you've died and your nephew Finklestein's running the shop?" and Solly took a deep breath, expanded his chest and stood on his toes so that he could look the tall guy straight in the eye: "there is no hope of Finklestein taking over my shop, my boy Ascher is coming into the business when he finishes school, I've already taught him most of what he needs to know and he can learn the rest when he starts work, and I don't need anyone insinuating that I'm about to turn up my toes and keel over, I'm as fit as a fiddle and in the pink - Fischbeine's fresh fish eaten daily is the best diet a man can have!" and the two guys olooked up where the name Fischbeine was the only part of the new sign left, so, with a sigh, Solly dipped his brush in the can and painted it out; and as the two guys bade him "good day," and walked away, at the back of his mind there was the kernel of an idea that he'd been taken for a ride, but he couldn't quite work out how, until he got home that night and told his wife all about it, after which she asked him where he'd bought the paint a brushes: "the Goldman Brothers store, that's who came by, Sammy and Danny Goldman!" and his wife simply said: "I rest my Case!" and as his friends laughed at the story he realised how close he was to them, probably closer than he had ever been to anyone in his life, other than his mother and his sisters, particularly Paula; and he realised that his own father, the Tax Inspector, who prowled the world like a wily tod, suspecting everyone, jealous of everyone, hating everyone, hurting his own wife and children, besotted with his envy and animosity and hatred and blaming, blaming, blaming always others, for his own failings, always others for what he did not have, did not achieve, and trying to pass on his xenophobic and carcinogenic creed to his children, poisoning their minds as his own was poisoned, and Dada realised that the hindsight which he had been able to take into his regression and back to those weeks with his mother and sister had removed the svales from his eyes and let him appreciate the difference between his father and mother, between the essential badness of the one and the essential goodness of the other and he opened his arms and drew his friends into an embrace which he swore would last a lifetime!

(by MissTeriWoman)


Why not call him a tod and a sot?
He's all that, and so is his creed;
He's a carcinogenic child that begot
The besotted cult following he needs;
And now his abominable rule is on track
His pride is unfettered, and we can't go back.
(by OldRawgabbit)
The Quandary for Sunday, May 20, 2018 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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