Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

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Bloomsday: "what I've been doing," said Haines, rather diffidently, "is a Textual Analysis of a wide variety of Irish Literature and History, it's fascinating to identify different Locations based on the use of linguistics instead of Subject Matter – would you guess that the use of inflexions varies not only from one Province to another, County to County, City to City, Town to Town, and also from village to Village?" and Nancy gave a rather non-committal shake of her head: "just as I thought – in fact before I started, I assumed that Irish language was much of a muchness, but now I can analyse almost anything – from a Novel or Academic History, to a Newspaper or Handbill, and pretty positively identify the home-town, village, or in some cases the actual street from which it's author hails," and Nancy wondered aloud where Haines hailed from, and he chuckled shyly, perhaps even slyly, and admitted that he had been born in Richmond, in London, had gone to Eton, then Oxford, and had chosen especially to pursue his further education at Trinity College, Dublin, "where I have access to the entire range of Irish Literature; would you have thought that Liam FitzPatrick, the author of many Nationalist Songs and Allan Foster, who is the most prolific writer of Romantic and Amorous Ballads today, were both born on the same street in Hugginstown, in County Kilkenny?" and Nancy murmured "in the Province of Leinster – oh Bobbo, I'm going to have a word with you," then heard Haines say: "of course, I don't know their ages, they may be different generations and not know each other, but it's fascinating to think of them imbibing the same air and drinking from the same well and, despite that their works are in two entirely different genres, they use the same scansion, the same inflexions and the same rhyming patterns, don't you think, Miss Drew?" and Nancy stifled a yawn, then: "and the Ashes, could you identify a person's place of origin from their ashes?" and Haines gave a shy smile, and said: "probably not. yet, I don't think science has quite got there yet, but given time . . . . . who's ashes were you thinking of?" but before she could reply, Nancy stepped aside and waved down the Policeman on his Penny Farthing, and when he had joined the group, holding his machine upright, she spoke to him: "have you been following me today, PC 49?" having noted the numbers on his collar, and the man blushed: "it's not the most inconspicuous way, but Paddy, I mean Inspector Prendergast wanted me to keep an eye on you, Miss Drew, for your own protection, I must add – he had wind that Mr Bloom here might be intending to make contact with two notorious villains we've been trying to nab and you led us right to them," he indicated a small group of police bustling the two scrappies into a Paddy Wagon! and Nancy grinned, "yet another fiendishly devious scheme of Paddy Prendergast romps home a winner – can I ask your name, PC49?" and he removed his helmet, giving her a bow: "P.C. Archibald Berkeley-Willoughby at your service Ma'am!"and Nancy shook his hand, adding "less of the Ma'am, Archie, my friends call me Nancy! look here, will ye'se all," drawing Bloom and his student friends into a group with herself and Archie, "this is still the sixteenth of June 1904 but I feel I've become a Seventh Day Adventist by accident and if I write my Autobiography, the blurb will have to include the words: There is Less to Miss Drew Than Meets The Eye! – so much water has passed under the Ha'penny Bridge, but I don't think water's gonna quench my thirst, what say we all turn our steps towards Davy Byrne's and celebrate: Mr Bloom's retrieved his Granny's box, sorry Leo, Casket! and a couple of shysters have had their collars felt by the Peelers, so what do you say me bhoys?" only Mr Bloom hesitated: "are ye mindin we've been barred till the morn?" but Nancy dismissed his objection: "once we explain to Davy it was all in a good cause, those conniving bastards had you over a barrel, Casket! and that caused friction and stress for the pair on us but with the aid of good old 49 here, Archie to us, the sharks got theirsels hooked and will be breakin stones for the next five or ten years, methinks we'll be bound over to be of good behaviour for a day or two and Davy will be ok!" and he was, he put them in a back room where the only people who could be harmed by them was themselves and Suzie brought a keg of Ale and a bottle of Jamieson's and Archie proved to be in rather good voice and he knew a lot of Allan Foster's serenades and sang one for Nancy, which made blush and look so sternly at Archie that he dried up and it took the combined efforts of Stephen, Buck and Haines to help him along to the last chorus!

(by MissTeriWoman)


So, having taken a break to reflect the seriousness of recent events, my notorious and somewhat fiendish literary skills are back, doing a blurb for the website as per usual, despite the fact it's not Bloomsday any more.
(by OldRawgabbit)
The Quandary for Friday, June 22, 2018 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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