Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


No, Erchie, whit The Lochlann said tae Lord Torquil wis: "Fair fu' yer honest sonsie face, great Chieftain to the pudden race," ach, naw, thon wis another speech awthegither, aye, noo Ah mind it, whit he actually said wis: "Lord Torquil, ye hae committed malfeasance against the Laws o God, by forcin brave men intae Slavery, Black men, Yellow men, Broon men, while deminstratin nepotism towards yer brethren regairdless o their competence, at the sufferance o they ye enslaved, but ye hae a chance tae amortize yer debt to thaim, even iffen it's jist a moiety in comparison tae the wrang ye done thaim, by declarin thaim aw Freemen o the Great Clan Glum, an lettin thaim tak the surname MacGlum, an declaring today Juneteenth in commemoration o yer Generosity o Spirit; Ah'll train thaim, drill thaim, and mak thaim intae braw fechtin men afore the sun sets an Ah'll lead them intae Battle the morn's morn, an wir Battle Cry shall be – Today is a Good Day Tae Die! an we'll defeat the Red Etin an his creepy crawlin rattlesnake henchmen baith and aw Five Heids shall be set oan pikes, each yin atop yin o the mountains that bear the name: The Five Sisters o Glum, fer aw tae see an wonder at the sheer audacity an tenacity an Vision o the Laird wha set his airmy o Freed-men upon the festerin scumbags an Ah betcha the King hissel will come tae Glen Glum tae reward ye fer gettin rid o the putrid bawbags that hae bin settin fire tae every hoose an hovel, rapin men, wimmin and bairns frae the Solway an the Tyne tae Cape Wrath an The Ness, or am urny the Laird o Ulva's Isle an ma name's no Dreadnaught, The Lochlann, Chieftain o Clan Lochlann!" and the room was silent as the bairns sat enthralled; "whit happened next?" asked a wee small voice, and Blind Harry glared sightlessly, the wheels and cogs within his memory sifting through all the possibilities until he leaned forward and touched the top of a tousled head: "weel, weel, if it's no Padraig Macaroon o Minestrones, staun up Padraig, let yer companions get a guid look at ye; am Ah rich or am Ah wrang – yer Great-Great-Great-Great Grampaw wis yin o the Freed-men wha focht sae bravely in The Lochlann's Clan Glum Airmy, wis he no?" and the boy, his coal-black face glowing with excitement, inflated his chest with pride: "aye, Maister Harry, he wis, though he wis but ten year auld, Kwasi wis his name an he'd been kidnapped intae slavery jist threi year afore, an he it wis wha got aw threi o the Red Etin's heids wi his slingshot – he wis even better than thon Davie in the Bible, cos Goliath only hud wan heid – an yince the Etin was oan his knees, skulls shattered, but still breathin, The Lochlann kaputted him by cuttin aff the threi heids wi his claymore, then presented it tae wee Kwasi – it's still in wir hoose, up oan a wa' awa fi the bairns!" and Blind Harry thanked Padraig for bringing the story to it's cheerful ending, and giein sich a braw example o resistentialism – or mebbe it should be redetintialism, cos thae inanimate stanes certainly hud severe animosity towards the Red Etin. telling the assembled laddies that if they want to hear mair aboot whit happened tae the Etin's sidekicks, come back ramorra – Same Time, Same Place!

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Tuesday, June 26, 2018 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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