Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


"Whit's thon ye said, Padraig Macaroon?" and the wee black laddie stood up and faced the terrifying Blind Bard who seemed to be able to identify any voice he heard and cleared his constricted throat and said: "could it be a Boy?" but the sky didny fa' doon roon aboot him and nervously he gazed aroon and then Blind Harry spoke gently to him: "it cood perfickly well be a Boy, iffen thon wis the Boy chosen by the Gods o the Auld Religion in collusion, tae become King o Scotland, an are ye askin because ye think some Boy here present micht be the very Boy favoured an selected since Auld Lang Syne, lang afore ony o us wis born, or even thought o, tae become King o Scotland?" and he paused and waited and eventually said: "nae stonewallin here, Padraig, Ah've askit ye a strachtforrurd question an by the Gods Ah will hae an anser, and Padraig replied: "weel, ye ken, Ah wis jist wundrin, iffen it micht be possible fur it tae be a Boy an no a Maun, wha pulls The Lochlann's Axe oot o The Axe Stane?" and Harry gestured for the laddie tae resume his seat and then said: "noo here's a wee story, whit ye micht beleev or mebbe ye wilnae, furrit is certainly troo, but mebbe no the kinda troo ye wud want tae accept as troo, but efter that famous Battle o Glen Glum, when Dreadnaught, The Lochlann, and his Airmy of Freed Slaves, baith Men an Boys had defeated the Red Etin o Ireland an Sir Parlane MacFarlane and Devilish Dominic Doubleday, Lord Torquil, Chief o Clan Glum, fêted The Lochlann an cried him the bravest an canniest Maun in Scotland, an offered him the pick o his dochters tae tak fur a wife, which The Lochlann politely declined, seein as hoo he awreddy had a wife an an tae his wey o thinking, yin wife wis enuff fer ony sensible maun, he announced that it wis his firm opinion that the Battle had been won by yin maun, nay Boy, wha's skill wi a slingshot wis the turnin point o the Battle, no yince but twice times, for firstly, he had concussed the three heids o the Red Etin an thon wish whit had enabled himself tae cut them aff an kill the Fiend. an then, when The Lochlann was sprawled across the deid boady o Doubleday an at the mercy o MacFarlane, that selfsame boy had blinded MacFarlane and made it possible fur The Lochlann tae smite him doon wi a single blow o his battle-axe, the yin still embedded deep in The Axe Rock, which boy wis Kwasi, the first Chieftain o the Clan Macaroon, and, when The Lochlann wis accompanying Kwasi an the ither members o Clan Macaroon tae the Glen granted tae them by a Special Indulgence that The Lochlann carried upon his person, signed by the King o Scotland at thon time, on an unexpectedly stormy nicht they encountered Threi Witches, 100% certifiable witches wha's beginnins wis in sum kind o retro-infinity, cause they lookit like they wis hunners o years auld, maby mair, yet they danced an skipped wi the agility o young lassies, wha foretold the fortunes o aw the traivellers, an with regard tae Kwasi, they telt him that though he wud ne'er by King o Scotland hissel, yet he should be the Faither o Kings, an in every generation, Macaroons hae tried tae pull the Axe oot, but sae far none hae managed!" an he kent it wis time for a dramatic pause, while the idea he had presented should tak root an grow in the fertile minds o these young laddies, an efter a time it wis Erchie wha spake first: "so, Maister Harry, micht it be time fer Padraig tae hae a shot?" and after a pause tae consider this Harry said: "richt-oh ma laddies, the morn's morn we'll set oot on a Great Expedition – it'll tak aboot a week tae get there, it's no easy terrain fer me cause my sicht isnae whit it wis, Ah'll need aw yer help tae follow the lang ower-grown track, but iffen we aw stick thegither an help each ither, as true chivalrous gentlemen dae, we'll reach the glade whaur The Axe Rock stauns, still haudin The Lachlann's battle-axe embedded deep inside it, an ye'll aw hae a go, in nae partickler order, an we'll discover if yin o ye is Destined tae be King o Scotland!" – there was a hubbub, an excited debate among the gatherin concernin wha – if ony – had the blessin o the Gods o the Auld Religion; noo Harry kent they wudnae sleep much that nicht, but he had preparations made for a couple o pack-mules tae be readied for the morn's morn, laden wi enuff food an drink for his pairty tae mak the treacherous and perilous journey to Glen Glum; it wis twa score years since he had last been there, an had witnessed an attempt by twa o the strongest men in aw Scotland tae draw the Axe fi the stony embrace o the Rock – baith had failed ignominiously and slunk aff intae the gloaming; tae his knowledge there had been nae further attempt, an during those twa score years his sicht – never the best at ony time – had worsened an failed completely; but in his heid he kent the route, through nameless bogs an ower towerin peaks, an he had a feelin that just mebbe, yin o these wee supplicants jist micht be the yin chosen tae lead the Kingdom to glory; the present king wis a sorry wretch, weak, vain, pampered by fawning courtiers: surprise surprise he'd nae children, despite a succession o wives, nae heirs, nae graces, an during his reign the management o his Kingdom had fallen intae disrepute; whit the Auld Kingdom needed wis a new bum on the throne, an iffen yin o these lads wis the yin tae draw the Axe, Harry kent it wud be a great day fer Scotland; he kent they'd be incommunicado fur aboot a week, so in preparation fur the journey, he laid hissel doon tae sleep wi a Pictish Haund-stane under his pillow, it wud gie him the strength an succour fer the journey, as wud the draught of guid Glen Glum that he poured doon his throat afore sleep owercam him and he snored lustily richt through the nicht!

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Thursday, June 28, 2018 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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