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And as Monty – for indeed it was he – made himself comfortable in a garden chair, and Daphne brought a fresh pot of tea from the kitchen and buttered a couple of May's freshly baked fruit scones, while Maude, tears streaming down her face, pulled her chair close to her brother's and took his hand in hers – began to tell them his story, his face full of emotion and delight at finding his dear sister and her best friend both hale and hearty: "you dozed off in the warmth of that afternoon, and I heard some music from just over the garden wall, so I opened the door and looked out and it was a party of what we called gipsies, Romany really, and they were playing fiddles and tambourines and dancing that tittup way they have and a crusty old police inspector, d'you remember him? we called him Pincher MacFarlane, because he'd pinch anybody to improve his Cases Solved File, didn't he pinch our Dad once? accused him of being a German Spy because he was reading Emil and the Detectives to us and some of our chums, but the JP was old Claud Cockburn, who had the Bookshop and he was able to dismiss the case as he had sold the book to dad just a week before and anyway, if Dad really was a spy it'd be more likely that he was spying for Russia and as Russia was our ally against Germany, all strength to his elbow; well anyway, there was Pincher MacFarlane and a couple of constables and that Sergeant, Dangerous Doubleday, another rascal of the first order, and they were pushing and shoving the Romany men, women and children, and I just sort of got into the middle of it, you know me, always trying to be the peacemaker, and that's when I took an awful crack to the back of my head and everything went black, like diving into a deep and bottomless lake – like Cauldshiels in fact – and when I eventually opened my eyes, and was aware of coloured lights and whatever I was lying on, rocking and rolling, I was pretty sick, threw up into a bucket somebody stuck in front of me, and then I passed out again, but probably more asleep than unconscious, because every now and then I became aware of the movement and the sounds of people talking and horses hooves on cobbles or something but it was quite a while, I found out, by the time I was properly conscious. by which time it was dark and someone gave me some bread and water and after I ate I slept again; when I woke properly, I realised there wasn't any movement, or sounds of hooves and I called out and one of the men climbed in what I now realised was one of the caravans, and he said I had probably been concussed after being struck down by the police sergeant and kicked by a couple of the constables before the Romany were able to get me out of reach and bundled me in the van, he didn't think my skull was fractured but I could certainly feel a whopper of an egg which was very painful! although it was quite dim in the van, I could see him well enough, but when he held up his hand and asked me how many fingers, and said three, he laughed and said I had double vision, seeing three repdigits though he was only holding up two, but he assured me I'd be fine in the morning; well by this time I was feeling hungry, and he called for someone to fetch me a bowl of broth, and I soon polished that off and though I hadn't reached satiety, he advised me to wait and maybe have some more later, because I could be sick again if I ate too much, and really, I didn't need any more, and I was so overwhelmed by his mensk, and that of the others in the group who had saved me from a real kicking by the police, that I tried to thank him but he just said that anybody would have done the same, as I had tried to do for them, and with that he shook my hand and pushed me down on the bed and blew out the candle and I must have gone straight back to sleep because the next time I woke, it was broad daylight and according to my watch, 10 o'clock and obviously morning!" and Maude said: "but I thought you had just disappeared, I didn't know how or why, I called the police and the Inspector, MacFarlane, came and gave me the third degree, like he suspected I'd been responsible, like I had murdered you! it was dreadful, so where have you been for 70 years? without a word, with no contact? you know Monty, I've missed you so dreadfully, why didn't you get in touch?" and he sighed: "it's a long story, Maude, and I don't know how to make it short; have you got a few days?" and Maude said: "as long as it takes, Monty, I want to know everything!"

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Monday, August 20, 2018 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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