Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Christmas Kensington-Gore QC peered over his half-moon spectacles: "make mine a Molotov Cocktail," he said, then went back to considering the menu; at this point the eminent barrister's chum, Filbert, a barista in his own right, smiled smugly at Scaramouch Silverman, whose round it was: "might I have a Lodestar, please, I hear that Pirandello, the barman here, mixes a rather potent one?" and Silverman smiled benignly at the youth: "one Lodestar for you, dear boy, with a dash of mustard?" and Filbert blushed to his dyed roots; "and what about you, Jazzer?" he asked Jack McCreary, "what would you like to drink?" innocuous words in print, but there was an undercurrent in his tone, which Filbert caught on to immediately, wondering how Jazzer would respond: "weel, Scarry, if it was Glesca we wiz in, ah'd jist hae a pint o Heavy, like as no, which wid help us tae deal wi aw youse profundifyin, ah mean am mebbe no sae educated as youse geezers, bit ah ken aboot thon Clement Freud an his slips an yer reversed psychology bizness an ah kin aye tell when it's yer auld Pavlov an his slaverin dugs, bit seein as wur here, wud ye mind gettin me a Battleship Potemkin? bit nae ice, ah cannae staund ice in a drink, it minds me o the very fat man whae waters the workers beer, Rab Ha' the Glesca Glutton, definitely agin ma religion no but!" and Scaramouch quickly moved on to Fat Bob Smith-Smythe: "what about you Bobbo? "and the American drawled: "d'you know, Scaramouch, I rather fancy trying one of those B52 Bombers we used to drink in 'Nam, haven't had one since then – a long, long time ago now," and it was he who asked his ladyboy partner, the petite and pert Thai who went by the name of Pattacake, what she would like: "who, me? well am not known to the cocktails in this bar, can you me a clue, Master Bobbo?" and Fat Bob gazed fondly into her eyes: "how about a Madam Pompadour? it's something of a speciality for the ladies, one of Pirandello's own concoctions," and Pattacake shivered, smiling back at the journalist: "then me know it love, Bobbo, yes, absolutely, thankyou!" so Scaramouch added that to his list and trotted over to the bar, just in time to catch Pirandello finishing an order for another customer, Scaramouch's old school friend Egbert 'Eggs' Benedict: "Eggs, my dear old mate, how are you? haven't seen hide nor hair of you for yonks, what've you been up to?" and Eggs looked slightly shame-faced, leaned in close to Scaramouch: "just out of Clink, old boy, got five years for fiddling while Rome burned – turned out that dear little Italian Romeo was under age! swear I'd no idea! you met him didn't you? eighteen if he was a day! absolutely! turned out he was only fourteen, but must have been on the game for a while before me, I mean, knew all the what-nots, bits-and-bobs, nuts and bolts, where everything goes and how to tickle my fancy!" and Scaramouch felt for Eggs, who had always been discreet and very considerate towards his young lovers, but it just went to show, and he, Scaramouch, always made a point of checking out a potential bed-mate's age and background before committing himself to anything or anyone, although his first preference was for RT as indicated by his long-term/on-off relationship with Jazzer, a pigman on a farm just a few miles from their home: "you can't be too careful," he said and patted Eggs' shoulder: "so who are you with tonight?" and Eggs indicated a blonde girl in a very short dress sitting at a nearby table: "that's who the Fandango's for, Joan Hunter-Dunn, you may remember her as Johnny. a few years back obviously, at Benjy's 60th," and Scaramouch did a double-take: "that's Johnny? sorry, was? crikey! there's hope for all of us, though I suppose the hormones help," and Eggs nodded: "she's had the op and do you know? she's the first woman I've ever been with, ever, fancy that, at my age – I've gone straight!"

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Tuesday, August 28, 2018 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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