Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


And as she jogged up to them, the woman patted the holster at her hip and drew out a perfectly lethal Sig Sauer which she moved between Barney and Dan: "okay, I'm Sergeant Krupke, which one of you is Ben?" and the two men looked at each other: "neither," says Dan, "I'm Dan, that's my cab over there." and Barney says: "I'm Barney, that's my wife, Betty, and our house was right here, when we went to The Roadhouse a few hours ago, we just got home and found this this fake gate!" at which Sergeant Krupke eyes the gate suspiciously, lowers her gun and then says: "so where's Ben?" and Dan suggests: "maybe it was a typo, you know, with Barney, Betty and Dan here, an easy mistake, or maybe you misheard it," and he indicates the headphone and mic which fitted over the officer's hat, and she nods, "okay, so what's this about your house?" at which Barney points right at the painted gateway and says, rather louder than he intended: "when we went out tonight, what time was it, Dan?" and Dan says: "7.30pm," and Sergeant Krupke says, into her microphone, "19.30 hours," and to Barney, "so you're saying somebody came along while you were out and put this in front of your house? yeah?" and Barney shrugs: "how the hell should I know, I wasn't here but till about twenty minutes ago and it was just like this!" and the officer turns to Dan: "and you sir, you can confirm this?" and Dan nods, at which Krupke raises the gun again and speaks into the mic: "back-up needed at the Neanderthal Park, I've got three suspicious adults, one hysterical, another delusional and the third with a stolen cab, yeah, better send some nurses, might need to be restrained," which was when Dan noticed that both of Sergeant Krupke's eyes displayed the kind of red-eye you sometimes see in photographs and he wondered if she was some kind of robot, but dismissed the idea, he'd met too many cops who only felt in control when they were pointing a gun at unarmed civilians and this one had all the hallmarks, thinking that her every word was holy writ; he decided to try to humanise her: "what is the Neanderthal World place?" and she laughed, tension easing out of her shoulders: "Sir Priapus MacFarlane and a couple of Russian associates brought a whole tribe of Neanderthals here from Scotland a couple years ago, found them still living in a Cavern in a Canyon or Mountain or such, and they live there, got Standing Stones and a Passage Tomb, a couple of Brochs and Mounds; but the amazing thing is that they speak English, so the visitors can actually chat to them – you don't get that at an animal park, do you?" and Dan admitted that she was absolutely right, "bang on!" which was when she asked: "didn't you see the signs? and how did you get through the first gate? down where the old railway used to be?" which flummoxed Dan: "whatcha mean used to be?" and she looked at him warily again: "well the line was closed in 2040, it's just used by walkers and cyclists now, and there did usedta be a house behind the gate, but it burned down in a fire the same night the couple who lived in it were killed when their car, a taxi, got hit by the Quebec Express; okay, before my time, obviously," and she touched her curly hair where it escaped from her cap, "but my folks, or someone told me about it – the accident was really the thing that led to that whole line being abandoned, especially when they secured a more direct and much faster bullet line overhead, it's a whizz!" and Ben, who had been distracted in trying to comfort Betty found himself edging closer to Dan and the officer: "did you ever hear about the kids in the house? two little ones and their sitter? did they get out okay?" and Krupke paused, thinking, remembering what she'd been told some time or other: "yeah, I did; the kids got out okay, and I think the little ones went to their Grandma, up in The Crags, the other one, I don't know, I guess she just went home," and to Barney, the words, sparse as they were, he received like a widow's mite, for it was likely as she she had said, Peggy and Molly had survived along with Leanne: "where are they now? we need to find them!" but this brought the pistol back up, even as the sound of approaching Blue Lights and sirens told her that back-up was nearly there: "sir," she said, "we're talking, what? forty five years ago, maybe more? they ain't kids any more, heck, they're probably a lot older than you, likely mothers themselves, maybe even grannies, you know how young folk are nowadays, eh? well, here's the team approaching, so let's all just co-operate with each other, someone will look after your wife, sir, and you and me can have a talk with some of my colleagues, okay?" but Barney just had to ask: "what year is this, Sergeant?" and without so much as batting an eyelash, she said, cool as a cucumber: "hey, you know as well as me it's 2084, so cut out this crap about bein at The Roadhouse, you know fine well that place closed years ago, it's a Multiplex now, stick with the programme and you'll be okay, you haven't committed any crimes, just been a bit disturbed, maybe it's the weather or something you ate or drank, but I can see you ain't drunk, so relax and we'll get it all sorted out PDQ! although," and she spoke to Dan, "that vehicle is Vintage, I swear, but it's not licensed, jeez, I doubt if it's even legal, so you may have a few more questions to answer than your passengers, but if you're cool, I'm sure everything will work out," and Dan was struck by the thought that she was just trying to humour him before the white coats and the restraints arrived and he wondered how far away he could get before she tried to shoot him, but then realized that he would never be able to outrun a bullet, so lit a cigarette and waited!

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Friday, October 26, 2018 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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