Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


At last, in Berlin on June 2nd 1939, the Great Day came: Heinrich Himmler, Reichsfuhrer-SS was beside himself with excitement; Prince Paul of Yugoslavia was filled with a sense of his own Destiny; and Vlado Chernozemski was quietly satisfied – his Stink Bomb was in situ beneath the well-prepared manhole cover which, triggered by the first car in the motorcade, driven by Uncle Hans Steckrube with Prince Hubertus of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha riding shotgun, would blow upward in front of the State Car and the occupants would be blinded and incapacitated by the noxious fumes and he (the infamous Bulgarian Assassin) would leap from his pre-chosen hiding place and kill The Usurper (Prince Paul) and the other occupants of the State Car before making his escape in the confusion; the two Americans, Major Holly Martins and Major J Alfred Prufrock, would have the getaway car waiting just round the corner, to spirit Vlado away through the grid-iron of Berlin's suburbs to safety on the Wannsee where Gertie Mountcastle and Palestrina MacFarlane were waiting to provide the first part of the escape plan which would take them all to safety outside Germany; "there's no risk," Vlado kept saying, "iss all good, and soon we party – my months of abnegation over, yippeee!" and 'famous last words' you all say. thinking that Vlado was cloud-headed because you already know what in fact happened next, but you forget that there are many parallel universes and that Time is not as consecutive as you perceive it, for in reality Past, Present and Future are always with us, hence deja vu, that strange feeling that you have been here before, that this conversation, or that event already exist in your memory because they truly do – you have been here before, have heard those words from that person before, have experienced that kiss or orgasm, that kick or surprise, only in another dimension, and that ghost or glimpse of a long dead parent or even historic person has merely been through the flimsiest of gauzes that separate different Times from each other; so suspend your disbelief and prepare yourself to accept that what in this life is well established and documented historical fact has already been altered in another life, another Time Dimension; in fact, there are Time Dimensions in which Adolf Hitler never made it to the Reich Chancellery, President John F Kennedy was not assassinated in Dallas and actually celebrated his 101st birthday in March of this year in Martha's Vineyard, where he lives quietly – and thoroughly detests the current POTUS who, he believes, has done more to sully the office of President than any previous incumbent! and John Lennon is still singing and imploring the world to Give Peace a Chance and he made it to the Ultimate, Final, Very Last Concert Ever 0f The Travelling Wilburys a fortnight ago! he was Jake Wilbury alongside Bob (Reverend Wilbury). Jimi (Widdly Wilbury). Tom (Lightnin' Wilbury), Jeff (Orville Wilbury) and Hank (Doc Wilbury) - unfortunately I missed it because I was unwell, but apparently as I've got a Doctor's Line I'll be able to exchange my unused ticket for the next concert, in December: phew!

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Sunday, November 04, 2018 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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