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Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Just say to him: "awa an bile yer heid, ye big tumshie!" said Sir Wilfred's voice in Timothy''s ear, and he did so in his best rendering of Billy Connelly; there was uproar among the SNP Members, while the rest of the Chamber roared with delight at the collapse of the stout party; next it was the opportunity of one of the Labour Members to ask the new Secretary of State about the Government's intentions when the PM's motion was defeated? and in his ear Timothy was advised that the Government was confident that the proposal would be passed, as it was the one and only puredee which would achieve the Brexit the British people had voted for in the Referendum and thus the proper business of securing the Kingdom's departure from the European Union would be achieved, which Timothy did, at which point the Speaker, having called the House to Order in his firmest tone, announced that the Secretary of State would address them on behalf of the Government: now, as it happens, Timothy had done well to learn and practice his speech – which had been written by The Dame, as many of her party referred to the PM, herself – with considerable aplomb, if a tad galumphingly, when he had gone through it for the final rehearsal in front of Sir Wilfred and Quentin – who had actually applauded him when he finished, and then cheekily cried: "encore!" - even though he, personally, had no confidence that he was anything other than a transpicuous mouthpiece and had no faith in the likelihood of it being passed: so many of his own party, including himself were opposed to it, and would certainly go through the Nay Lobby to that effect, and that opposition had made extremely unlikely bedfellows – ardent Europhiles, like Timothy, who had voted to Remain in the Union because they believed, among other things, that a United Europe brought not only economic and mercantile benefits, but also provided a guarantee that there would be peace in Europe and no repetition of the two disastrous 'World Wars' of the Twentieth Century, would rub shoulders with Labour, Lib Dem and the other opposition parties, while zealous 'Little Britainers' like the Honourable Members for the three Beddingshire Constituencies: North (Sir Pompus MacFarlane), Mid (Mr Digby Doubleday) and South (Ms Natalie Rhombus) who had voted to Leave, were a mixture of Nationalists amd Europhobes who seemed to detest all the other nations of Europe because they didn't speak the Queen's English and had never been able to grasp the fundamental rightness of LSD (not the drug, but Pounds, Shillings and Pence, the old monetary system which had been abolished in the 1970s to put the UK in the metric system as a forerunner of the long-planned Euro, a single currency within the Union which had always been seen by it's champions as the natural precursor of their eventual aim of a United States of Europe, something political akin to those of America) and still harboured a dream of returning to it! – he rose to his feet, provoking a number of cat-calls from the other side of the House, and noticed how the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland, the Queen-makers, who had taken Theresa Maybe-Maybenot's thirty pieces of silver on a promise to support her, as then undefined, proposals for Brexit - £1 billion, or £15 a head from the population of the rest of the UK – and were now intent to vote against the Deal on Tuesday, and this without the courtesy of at least returning the Bribe – were arrayed on the same benches as the Liberal Democrats, Scottish Nationalists and Plaid Cymru, the Welsh Nationalists, the one Green Party representative and one Independent, from Northern Ireland, thank goodness the Sinn Fein MPs from Northern Ireland refused to attend because it would require them to take the Oath to the Queen which would have choked them, as that would have been the last straw; as it was the last straw was provided by the combined weight of the committed Remainers and Leavers in his own Party which, at this point, seemed to guarantee that the Proposal would be dead in the water after the vote on Tuesday – maybe that would be when Timothy could become the slugabed of the SNP jibe, without a job, or, more accurately, without a Cabinet Post and back to being simply the anonymous back-bencher from Pimlico West; oh well, he thought, nothing to lose really, the worst is that I go back to who I was before the summons to Downing Street (or The Bunker as Sir Wilfred had called it) this morning; he stood to his full 5'7" gazed around the Chamber, feeling as if he had reached the end of the plank and had only a few feet of air between him and the tumultuous ocean, closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them wide and plunged in!


(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Sunday, December 09, 2018 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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