Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


When Sir Philip Heath-Robinson woke, twelve hours later, he found Quentin and Dan watching an interview of Timothy Michaelson-Daisy by Simon McCoy, which was interspersed with archive footage of Pip Maybe-Maybenot, and his wife Theresa, strolling around her constituency on Referendum Day, his braces, the same pair as Tim had worn during his marathon speech yesterday in the House of Commons; the offending braces, with the repeated slogan Brexit Means Wrexit, on display particularly in one scene, which showed him perched on a bar-stool, while Theresa seemingly quaffs a pint of beer with Nigel 'I will call you Teri, and Teri when you call me, you can call m Nige!' Farrago: "gosh, I remember that place," said Quentin, "I had just started working for The Dame – I was still at college and was doing a project on Brexit, so I was an unpaid Intern; she didn't even sip her beer, but Nige didn't notice, he was too busy waxing lyrical on all the benefits that would come, starting the very next day, when we would suddenly be free of the restrictions imposed by the European Union, and she certainly couldn't manage to call him Nige! that would have been anathema to her, so she called him Nige, err, el! and Little Pip was quite at home, happily sipping a lemonade and chatting to the barmaid as if they were bosom buddies – and his eyes were on a level with her magnificent bosom wobbling inside a low-cut pink zibeline sweater; oh he was quite smitten and so utterly sad when it was time to leave and I had to lift him down, but I popped back later and got her name and phone number for him – she's yclept Draga Milivici and she's from Serbia – they still meet up a couple of times a week at her flat in Shepherd's Bush and it's so sweet, he calls her Upsy Daisy and she calls him Iggle Piggle and they have tea parties with her Russian Matryoshka dolls and watch In The Night Garden together, it's the only opportunity he has to defervesce away from The Bunker and he usually ends up snoozing with his head nestling in her bosom; they are just like the Babes in the Wood! utter noodledom of course, but as the spouse of the PM he's quite emasculated, the Constitution simply doesn't accept a Man in that position – I suppose it was the same for Denis Thatcher, except that he had his golf – Pip's only got Draga, and her Tits, of course!" and Dan McGann the Headline Man seemed shocked that Quentin had never told him anything about this, so he turned to Sir Wilfred: "did you know about Draga?" he asked: "oh, well, it's not exactly a State Secret, but we do play our cards pretty close to our chests with the intimacies of Prime Ministerial lives; I had her vetted pretty thoroughly and her flat's bugged, phones tapped and all that, we can never be too careful with dirty laundry, you know," and Dan looked thoughtful, but said: "doesn't really matter to me, I'm based in Downing Street – that's where I shout out my questions; I'm only interested in what and who pass through the front doors, the comings and goings via back garden gates and Horse Guards doesn't interest me, that's more your Private Eye territory, and ever since they nicknamed me The Invisible Man and The Voice of The Gutter I stopped feeding them any Tit-Bits that come my way, so Draga’s Tits won't be dragged into any of my Headlines, unless she swings them along Downing Street!" and they all laughed as the interview was replaced by The Dame giving a nebulous Press Statement after meeting the European Council of Minsters and being asked by Laura Künßberg if it was time for her to Budge?

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Friday, December 14, 2018 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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