Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Quentin Quibb was nursing a hangover, and still seemed to blotto to be capable of work, while Sir Wilfred Heath-Robinson fed him Alka-Seltzers, when Brexit Secretary of State Timothy Michaelmas-Daisy crept into The Bunker by the back door: "Happy New Year," he said and held out a bottle of Laphroaig and one of his mother's Dundee Cakes (from Harrods) which he had sneaked out in an S&M bag, thinking that would arouse no comment if he was glimpsed by the TV cameras lurking in the undergrowth, or Quentin's partner, Dan McGann, the Headline Man, whose ethics refused to permit him to decline a good story even out of loyalty to Quentin; but Dan was at home in bed even worse for the wear, Timothy the only one who seemed chipper at the start of what should worry him – the Meaningful Debate leading up to the Meaningful Defeat followed by the Meaningless Plan B – surely less likely to be remembered for it's good lines than Ed Wood's Plan 9 from Outer Space; indeed, Quentin seemed to have aged rapidly, from his pre-Festive-Season boyishness to a fair lookie-likie for Bela Lugosi! "make some coffee," said Sir Wilfred and Timothy happily obeyed, and it was when he was in the kitchen that he heard a faint knocking from the other side of the cellar door; hesitantly, he opened it and was rather surprised to find the Conservative Members of Parliament for the three Beddingshire Constituencies: North (Sir Pompus MacFarlane), Mid (Mr Digby Doubleday) and South (Ms Natalie Rhombus) looking like they had climbed over a slag-heap, so besooted were they: "hey, come in, would you like some coffee," asked Timothy, then adding: "how long have you been down there?" but other than to hand him their dirty coats, the three walked straight through to Sir Wilfred's office; it was only when Timothy, assisted by one of the Police Officers – who had had to put down his weapon to carry a tray – came in with the coffees, that Natalie recognised him: "I thought you were one of the minions, sorree," so he laughed with her, and now that she at least knew who he was, he again asked: "how long had you been down there?" but by this time Quentin had dimmed the lights and was setting up one of his strange contraptions, with numerous boxes, presumably different pieces of computer technology, connected by a spaghetti-junction of cables and wires, topped off by a wide-screen monitor that was blazoned with the words Chardonnay Presentations which meant nothing to Tim: "belt up in the back," quipped Quentin, and Timothy realised it was directed at him, so he sat down and watched and tried to listen as the remarkably agile Lugosi, darted around, drawing attention to This or That, or The Other, "which dare not speak it's name!" the gist of the Presentation was that a) the PM's Chequers Proposal – unchanged since she had withdrawn it before Christmas and delayed the rest of the Meaningful Debate and Meaningful Vote, would be defeated; b) would it be a total rout, or just a slight rout; c) what can Plan B possibly be? and this was the crux of it: "we have to go outside the box," said Quentin "and Sir Wilfred will explain, he's the Master of the Political Syllogism!" at which Sir Wilfred put on his reading glasses, put down his notes and gazed myopically at them: "okay, bottom line – the PM is going to ask the question: 'does anyone want a Hard Border between Northern Ireland and the Republic?' chorus of 'Noes!" so she then says: 'I have spoken with the Taoiseach, Mr Leo Varadkar and we have agreed a Plebiscite on the Unity of Ireland, in which electors in the whole Island will vote, so that, to quote Robert Emmett: "Ireland long a Province May be a Nation once again!" so let us do the decent thing and let his epitaph be at long last, written!"' and Sir Wilfred said: "cries of 'No Surrender!' from the Orangemen, deafening cheers from the Opposition, the PM announces that the Referendum will be held next week, as will a Second Referendum on Scottish Independence and then a second EU Referendum, a so-called People's Vote on her Proposal the week after – but what she doesn't tell them is that Irish Citizens will, like all other EU Citizens, be unable to vote in either the Brexit Referendum or UK General Elections which follow – think of it, most of them vote Labour! and if the Scottish Referendum produces a majority for Independence, with one sweep, we guarantee a Tory Majority in England and Wales for the next 100 years! and even if it goes against, with Roxy Davidova rallying the Unionist Troops, we'll have Great Britain under our party for generations!" and Timothy fell over backwards, lay on the floor, trying to focus on the anxious faces staring down at him, but could see only stars – delirious, siderosous? he felt that he must have slipped into another, parallel, Universe, in which Sir Wilfred was the Mad Hatter, Quentin, the Dormouse, Sir Pompus, the Cheshire Cat, Doubleday, the White Rabbit, Miss Rhombus, the Queen of Hearts and himself, the Dormouse! through the Looking Glass or down a Rabbit Hole into Wonderland, it made no odds – everyone was Stark, Staring, Mad!

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Friday, January 11, 2019 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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