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Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Which is how it came about that this morning, Lulu, Jasmine and I, were standing outside the front door of a former council house in Priors Walk, beside an assortment of children's toys and a fair old brumous morning it was, the hoar-frost still showing in the shadows as yet unreached by the spreading fingers of sunlight, a perfect blue sky and pink clouds to the east, with a stunning view across the Tweed towards Gattonside – I could even see my Uncle Norman, his big Russian fur hat looking like an Afro postiche at that distance, crossing the river by the Swing Bridge, well, properly, the Chain Bridge, but only tourists would think of calling it that; the door was opened by Rilla Balquhidder, who I knew vaguely as we Melrosians know vaguely everyone who lives in the town, it's so small, from being at school with them, seeing them in shops, pubs, or even, in extremis, in Church – or Churches, we've got three: the Parish Church on the hill overlooking the Greenyards (another place you might know people vaguely if you're into Rugby, which I'm not) is Church of Scotland; Holy Trinity, next door to us in High Cross Avenue is the Episcopal Church in Scotland, and just along on the left is a former C of S church which is now St Cuthbert's Roman Catholic Church, oh yes. in Melrose, there's a lot of Religion going on, though the old Congregational Church which was just across the main road from us is no more – you can still tell from the shape of the building and some of the architectural features which survive that it was once a church; Rilla didn't seem at all fazed by us, though of course she was a friend of Jasmine's and, as she took us through to the living room, she explained to Lulu and me that she really couldn't understand the interest Sam and Tavish had in her son, while admitting that he was quite precocious for a two-tear-old – although as he was her first and she herself had no siblings, she had really no first-hand knowledge of what children of that age were supposed to be able to do that could be of interest to people outside the family: "well. I've read all the books about children's development, but my own legal training is of no help, so count me out as an adjudicator; Rary, my husband, has three younger sisters, though he admits that all they seemed to do which directly affected him, was break his own toys – probably so that their parents would buy them new ones of their own!" she laughed, then said, rather self-deprecatingly: "if you can get anything useful out of him, that's good enough for me – Sam says that he has remarkable talents, for a child of his age, and it helps him and Tavish practice interviewing children who have witnessed things they may not understand and don't yet have the language to say what happened and if speaking with Little Levy helps you to solve crimes and put bad people away, that's surely a good thing; and he seems to enjoy meeting other adults, so much of his time is spent with wee ones of his own age and just having me and Rary here probably becomes a bit boring at times. anyway, here he is," and she introduced us to the wee boy, who gazed seriously at us, then cuddled a rather tatty teddy bear, but after his mum had left the room and her footsteps died away at the far end of the hall, he looked at us each in turn, then said, in the voice of a toddler who has swallowed several dictionaries: "don't expect much sense from me today, I barely slept last night – I had to go to Gor with my friend Luc to rescue another friend who'd been abducted; we were there for three weeks, and it was pretty full-on!" and Jasmine asked: "how could you be away for three weeks?" he replied: "it could easily have been longer if we hadn't got a lucky break, but all we had to do on our return was wind back to the middle of last night – it's not as complicated as it sounds, well, to us it's not, but I appreciate that it's rather beyond your present capability and I'm not going to explain it to you just now; you might want to read me a story about a ranivorous rook that catches frogs from a babbling brook for his wife to cook in the inglenook, but I rather suspect that what you really want to see me about are controllable Worm Holes, rather than the random ones, am I right?"

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Thursday, January 24, 2019 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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