Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Sir Parlane MacFarlane was feeling rather Tiggerish, when Dominic Doubleday, his great pal, bosom buddy and life-long - or should it be lives-long? - friend, valet, companion-at-arms, Squire to his Don Quixote, entered, but his thoughts stumbled to a stop, "feeling a bit liverish Dom?, you're looking kind of raddled, a tad puckeroo, certainly not your usual bouncy self, what's up?" as Doubleday took a seat by the fire, and his Master joined him: "c'mon mon, ye kin tell ma whit's up, oor jist wursels here, naebdy's keekin at the lock!"but Doubleday shook his head: "na' oss, it's this plenum ye're wantin organised fer the Ring of Gold," he sneaked a wee sideways peek at the Laird, and continued: "it's michty hard tae organise," but MacFarlane shook his head: "'tis a braw notion, kin ye no see, mon, bringin aw the members fae aw airts an pairts thegither here," and Doubleday interjected: "it's no the airts an pairts that's the bugger, it's the past an future, no jist the present, it's giein me a rich pain in the napper!" and he thumped his head with a gnarled fist to emphasise the point, "an thae's no aw! ye ken ah managed tae track doon thon hacker, The Economic Migrant? well, he didnae gie me mich hoose room, ah think he suspected a sting, bit afore he blocked me ah drapped a wee bug that's only activated on ane keyword, an then only fer a quarter o a second, and it jist pinged - he's had contact fae sumdy in Melrose, bit ah got their ISPN - it's sumdy cried Little Levy an he's wantin tae access Tunnel 39 frae the Eildon Cavern tae here!" and MacFarlane cursed: "hoo the fuck does he ken aboot Tunnel 39? naebdy does - dae they?" but the shake of Doubleday's head was just a fraction of a millisecond too late, and MacFarlane pounced on the hesitation: "wha Dom? wha the fuck kens aboot it?" and a tear-stained face turned towards him: "Elginbrod drapt it, jist like his troosers – ye ken hoo he luvs boastin an tryin tae impress - dusnae metter wha, he cannae help it, an this time it wis sumdy wha wis able tae pit twa an twa thegither and mak 39 an fare the ither clues it wis evident he wis yappin aboot the triplet an a wey tae reach his best freens and blud relatives an ye ken that points richt at us anes; ah think the place wis likely bugged, probly that time the Peelers wis roused by the Peepin Tams - oh he wisnae arrestit, Duncan buried it sumhoo, but the Peelers hud awreddy been tae interview Martin an hud a squint aboot the place, an his freend wud hae hud plenty time tae place a few pinheads an that eejit wud never think tae look, so ah dinnae ken wha, or when, or even whaur, but it's soon, cos he mentioned the date, but ye ken hoo 39 wiggles a bit, it spans the hale island except when we harness it," but MacFarlane held up his hand, palm towards him: "okay, got the pitcher - emdy no kent, ower the next thurty days, roon them up an bring thum here, an ah mean emdy! – got it?"

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Thursday, January 31, 2019 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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