Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


While courting Caspar Milquetoast, the thing Olivia Gabardine found most challenging was that he was an extreme ailurophile who, while thankfully he did not actually hoard cats, did center his entire life around Lucibelle, a rotund yet mettlesome grey tabby who had her own room in his two-bedroom apartment (Casper's home office was in the dining room) and who liked to say hello to visitors by scratching them vigorously and demanding treats; although Olivia did her best to addulce the prickly feline with food offerings, catnip, and honeyed speech, Lucibelle continued to display the general demeanor of a fiend from Hell and eventually Ms Gabardine joined the long line of ex-girlfriends, while Casper, though interested in marriage, at 40 found himself with his bachelor state unchanged: who'd've thunk it! (by TheMagicalExplodingUnicorns)


"Who'da thunk it?" gasped Hyman Kaplan, retrieving his cigarette from the dirt, and once the others had recovered from their surprise and been introduced to Luc Action Man and Columbine Action Woman, Hyman explained that he and the other four had been staying at the MacFarlane Castle Hotel, incognito, because they were trying to find the two women who had been trafficked from New York – one of whom was the DA in the Bronx and was prosecuting Sir Parlane MacFarlane and his sidekick, Dominic Doubleday as part of a massive people-trafficking operation,; they had followed them here, along with two heavies from the Hotel, handed over to Doubleday and then forced into the caves; they, Hyman and the others, had left their Town Car outside but it has gone – they have no idea if we are even in the same century! then Milly suggested that they try their cell-phones, to see if they can establish the date – if the phones still work; it was actually Milly's, using a sim-card she had bought at the Hotel, who managed to get the answer: we are in 2084 – the others having left 2038, which is why Milly and Isa look 20 years older that they were at home though still, obviously mettlesome and I had to remind mysel that in February 2019 the still were at home, in Aunty May's and that the two women here and now were my cousins in twenty years time; in the absence of any transport, Hyman suggested than we should walk back to the Hotel – if it's still there, but whether any of their cash or credit cards are still valid we will only discover when they try to use them; it didn't actually take too long, but the Hotel had changed dramatically from when our cousins and their friends had left it: it was a vast, sprawling Campus, with billboards advertising it's attractions, such as Canada's biggest year-round Funfair, travels in a Time Machine – a tiny Worm Hole that only wen an hour into the future, which meant those in a family or group of friends who didn't want to enter, had to hang around for an hour till the others showed up – a circus for ailurophiles, featuring every kind of cat, from domestic Moggies to Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs and Leopards but the most dramatic announced the imminent opening of MacFarlane Neanderthal World and Country Club! and surprise surprise, the cards still worked, fifty years after they had last been used, although evidently no interest had accrued on the debit cards: "well, we obviously haven't earned anything in that time – and I guess my books are probably out of print by now, so no royalties," said Kaplan, with a rueful laugh, "it looks like we never get back to our own time, makes you wonder, if we kick it here, what'll be put on our tombstones, eh?" but Miss Mitnick rolled her eyes and said: "we're not wondering, already, from fortyfive years ago we've only aged a few weeks, is that at miracle of modern science or what? if we have to fill in any forms add fortyfive years to get your birth date or the local Tourist Board will be hot on our trail for a piece about the anti-aging qualities of Nova Scotia or PEI – probably the bracing winds and the tang of the sea, gimme a bowl of borscht and I'll die a happy woman! ha!" and Mrs Moskowitz said she was dying to send postcards to her son Marvin in Seattle and daughter Gerda in San Francisco: "literally dying, but who knows where they are now? if Hyman's right and we maybe don''t get back I'd lay myself down and weep for my grandchildren, I may never see them again and that breaks a mother's heart," by which time the rest of us were on the brink of tears, apart from Lulu – the least addulcive person I know, so hard-boiled you'd need a sledgehammer to crack her shell – and the Action figures, who didn't look out of place with so many holidaymakers and day-trippers wearing an assortment of incongruous costumery, so she'd taken them for a walk around the place, try to get a map and find out what the Neanderthal World set-up was, and where MacFarlane and Doubleday had their Control Room!

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Tuesday, February 05, 2019 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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