Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


And while all that was going on in Nova Scotia in 2084, just round the corner and through a little alleyway in the fabric of Time, back in Gorbals in 1948 Kathleen O'Hare was grieving for her two eldest boys, Snooker Tam and Fat Boabie, believed to have died in the gas explosion in Milngavie; some people couldn't understand her loss, because she still had her husband, Connor and their other children, Concepta, Rose of Sharon, Guggles, Marianina, Angelina, Humphrey John-Jo, Ludovic and Babbette, but those people didn't understand a Mother's love and it's counter, grief, for they don't know what an involuntary and insidious thing grief is; and even if she had known that they were alive and well and living in Trimontium Roman Camp in the wild Borderlands in 163 AD she would still have felt the agony of losing them, of being unable to see them, hold them, love them; but one evening, on his return from his shift as a Tram Driver for Glasgow Corporation, on a network that made easy meat of the orogeny which had created Glasgow with it's wrinkled crust and gave some routes the nickname of switchbacks, for the steep climbs and swooping descents the reason why his own weans loved to ride upstairs at the front, Connor brought in his usual Evening Times and, after supper and putting the children to bed and laying out their school clothes for the older ones, Kathleen read the paper by gaslight in the living room, which was when she discovered that a prominent Melrose-born archaeologist, Alexander Curle, had recently discovered a section of brickwork from the Trimontium Bath-house which had a strange piece of graffiti scratched into it: 'Tam and Boabie O'Hare born Glesca 1938 wiz hear on v FEB. CMXVI AB URBE CONDITA'! and Kathleen stared at it, read the whole story over three times, then roused Connor from the doze he was having on the other side of the fireplace and showed it to him: "we're gaunie gaun doon therr ramorra," said Kathleen, "whit furr?" grunted Connor: "tae see it," replied Kathleen: "it must be the bhoys, it must be, hoo mony O'Hares wis born in Rottenrow in 1938 named Tam an Boabie? gey few, it muss be them!" and Connor looked at his wife with a rare intensity, for behind the façade of impetuosity, Kathleen was capable of sound rationation: "bit hoo could we tell, Hen, it micht no be," but Kathleen could not be mollified: "we'd recconise their wrichtin, ah wud, a mile aff!" and Connor agreed: "av goat twa days aff, ye'd better leave sumthin fer the weans," and Kathleen, business-like, stood and tied on her pinny: "ah'll mak them a Plum Duff, ye'll find some siller thrupp'nies in the wee boax nex door, ane fer each o them, an a shillin so ma mammie kin get fish suppers fer their tea, ah'll get Aggie tae help her pit them tae bed, so a wudden thrupp'nie bit'll be fair koha, she'll likely stey ower tae get them oot fur the schill – ah wonder whaur we'll be able tae stey ower," and Connor was able to re-assure her: "sure, isn't there a Youth Hostel therr? it opened last year an Sammy Souter wis doon there wi the Cyclin' Club, said it's a fine big place, we'll stey therr," and received a hug from his wife

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Wednesday, February 06, 2019 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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