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After Mr Curle had parked his car by the roadside, he led Connor O'Hare across a field to a series of ditches, where several young men – who Curle introduced as Archaeology students from Edinburgh University – then showed Connor the wall which had been discovered and identified as a section of the Roman Bath-House, and clambering into the ditch, took Connor by the hand and pointed out the place where the words of Tam and Boabie had been found; where the black and white photograph had been dramatic and meaningful, the actual brick with it's lettering cut into the red sandstone, seemed sad and poignant; Connor O’Hare knelt and looked closely at the uneven words and numbers, after checking with Alexander if he could, he reached out and touched the inscription, inscribed so long ago: "why wud they dae it here, sae low doon, man it's jist above the grund, wud they hae tae lie doon tae dae it?" and Alexander joined him, then pointed to some of what looked like bore-holes: "the floor level is about three feet further down, so they would be able to do that standing up; this was likely a store-room, but we wont know for sure till we have identified the full ground plan," then Connor asked: "why did they pit their buildings sae low doon, like a semi-basement?" and Alexander explained that the ground level, indicating the field, had risen over the centuries since the Romans had been here: "it happens everywhere, nature keeps adding a fresh surface – leaves, dry soil blown by the wind, cultivation, even flooding – although we are well above river level here, heavy rains wash soil and other debris down from the hills, there were no walls or hedges to hold it back, and it could easily turn this area into a temporary lake, or a quagmire, before the water soaked down and eventually reached the river, but the surface level up here could certainly rise by an inch or two after such an event and it was a long time before proper farming reached this place," he put a hand on Connor's shoulder; and then the tram-driver asked it: "so are oor bhoys buried here, wull ye be able tae find them, Mr Curle?" but Alexander shook his head: "we haven't found the Roman Cemetery yet – it would be somewhere outside the boundary of the Camp but near enough for friends or relatives to visit and pay their respects; the Romans had two ways o dealing with their dead: burial or cremation, after which the ashes would be placed in an urn, and either given to the family, or buried, and as this Camp existed for several hundred years, there would be, in the natural course of things, many funerals so, wherever the cemetery was, or still is, it would be of a reasonable size; we just don't have the techniques or the equipment, or, to be honest, the time and money, to go all over the valley in search of it, well, not in my lifetime, Mr O'Hare," but Connor seemed to have prescinded himself, and was lost in his private thoughts, but then he turned to Alexander: "but can I ask you one thing, Mr Curle, the laddies wis blown up in a gas explosion in Milngavie, so hoo the heck did they turn up here thoosans o years ago? and Curle stared across the level field, towards the hills, but his unseeing, then: "as an historian and archaeologist, I deal in realia, real things, facts, evidence, from which I draw conclusions which, I hope are objective and as accurate as the evidence permits me to go . . . . . but I have heard of what are called Worm Holes in the fabric of the Space/Time Continuum; now, I don't want to be a gas-bag and expound you to death, Mr O'Hare, but in short, it's as if God dropped a few stitches while he has knitting the Universe; some physicists believe that it is theoretically possible to use these Worm Holes to move around the Universe, or to go forwards and backwards in Time, which they claim is non-linear, meaning that Past, Present and Future are all around us, simultaneously, do you see?" and Tam nodded, thoughtfully, ideas being born in his mind, some vague and only partial, others nidifugous, almost as if they had a life of their own and could strike out any time: "so it might have been possible for my bhoys tae huv goat intae ane o thae Worm Holes in Milngavie, then pop oot here, thoosans o years ago?" and Curle nodded: "yes, in theory, but I don't know if it could ever work!" but Connor jumped to his feet: "if ye're tellin me yon stane wi its scratchin's real, no faked by sumdy, then it looks like yer theory's proved, but, in't it!"

(by MissTeriWoman)


The fact that chickens have nidifugous young is doubly inconvenient because not only are the chicks wandering about annoyingly almost the instant their feathers are dry, but--while a clutch of chicks going in all directions may sound adorable--the realia of the situation may include cats, dogs, and young children with a fondness for squeezing things, not to mention how even an adult may prescind in order to consider the day's activities, place a foot wrong, and end up with a gassy little corpse instead of a cute ball of fluff. (by TheMagicalExplodingUnicorns)
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