Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


"Have you booked anywhere to stay?" asked Mr Curle, and Connor replied: "not yet," so Curle suggested that he and Mrs O'Hare stay with him: "it's not Priorwood, that's the Melrose Youth Hostel now, but it's bigger than I need at the moment, though when my children and grandchildren visit, it seems too small; we'll go down to the office and I'll phone Mrs Turnbull." at which Connor asked: "won't she be with Kathleen?" and Alexander laughed: "who? oh Mrs Turnbull, ah, well you see there are two of them, Jinty, you've met, and Betty, my Housekeeper, they're sisters, and sisters-in-law, because they married two brothers, John and Joe, and sadly, both of them were lost in the War, so after that, they came back to work with us – note, Mr Hare, when I say 'with' us, that's what I mean, not 'for' us, you appreciate the distinction?" and Connor smiled at the older man, "yes Mr Curle, indeed Ah dae, but please cry me Connor, Ah find it rether strange bein addressed as Mr O'Hare – when Kathleen's annoyed at me aboot sumpn, she aye cries me 'Mr O'Hare', an if she's annoyed at one of the kids, she's usin their full name, Baptismal an all! that's hoo they ken tae skedaddle an hide oot her wrath, bide oot o sicht till it's time fer they're supper, they're quick learners – an Tam wis the brichtest o the loat o them,* and at the mention of one of his two sons named in the graffiti, Connor dried up and allowed his guide to lead him back to the car, then, when they both in, Curle said: "and if you're sleeping under my roof and dining at my table, Connor, you must call me Alec, Alexander is reserved for High Days and Holy Days, except where the two Mrs Turnbull are concerned, for they shorten no name, declaring that our parents named us as they chose and we should respect their choice – except also that you will recall me saying that they are Jinty and Betty, for they will respond to none other!" and he laughed, a booming, inside the car which reminded Connor of the call of the Bloodnoun, or bullfrog, deep and resonant; and on the drive back, Alec explained that his approach to archaeology was scientific, but he was no boffin, for to him science was merely a set of tools and utensils to help us make sense of what was hidden under our feet, that he was a lover of William Shakespeare - "an unashamed Bardolater, to tell you the truth, but equally fond of the poetry and songs of Rabbie Burns," - and when they arrived at the bank,, with the offices of Curle, Muir, Solicitors-at-Law above, they stood briefly, smoking Sweet Afton cigarettes that Alec had produced from one of his pockets: "my father was from Dundalk," exclaimed Connor at sight of the yellow packet, he'd smoked nothing else than these," and Alec admitted that he too had a connection, for he and his wife ha honeymooned in Ireland and Dundalk was one of their stops and a highlight for many reasons: "but, sadly, she died some years ago, when still a young woman – unfortunately our science of medicine does not advance in step with the new ailments which are diagnosed every year and for which we have no cure, but Faith, and I admit my own Faith is much wanting!" and with that he ushered Connor through the door and up the stairs to the offices, and just before they entered he whispered to Connor: "whatever else there may be for dinner tonight, expect and leave a little room for Mrs Douglas, that is to say, Betty's special dessert – it's name is cannoli, and beyond that I will say no more!

(by MissTeriWoman)


We are all knowledgeable about some things and not others, e.g., the story of the boffin who knew nothing about Shakespeare and the bardolator who knew nothing about technological innovation, forced to share a cabin during an academic team-building event, and while the boffin despised the bardolator's tendency to speak in quotations from Shakespeare and the bardolator despised the boffin's geeky tendency to take things apart and explain how they worked, they had an epiphany the night they agreed that cannoli, with its delicious crispy exterior and sweet cream filling, was the favorite dessert of both--and a further epiphany later that same night when they realized that neither of them knew what the ghastly creature outside was that was crying "BLOODNOUN! BLOODNOUN! BLOODNOUN!" until the English teacher in the cabin next door shouted "Yes! Blood is a noun! What do you want from us?!" and they heard her biologist roommate reply, "Relax! It's just a bloodnoun bullfrog." (by TheMagicalExplodingUnicorns)
The Quandary for Monday, February 11, 2019 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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