Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


I stare ahead, to where the driver sits, wondering; then dismiss the thought – he is a Melrose man, lives in a flat at Morrow Gardens with his wife, has been known as the Grumpy Driver since I was a schoolgirl and his name is Ben Nevis; I scan the backs of the seats ahead of me – no triangles of paper tucked into their frames, so I quickly move to the back – it's a quiet time and no-one sitting there; I check the other seat backs but again, no more white papillotes; who could possibly have known that I would be coming home on that train? that I would catch this bus? that if it is empty, I always sit on that seat, halfway up the bus on the near-side? suddenly the thought strikes me that if I am being stalked, my snidey replies to Robin Fairchild could be regarded as provocation! the bus has gone by my stop and yet I don't move until it pulls up by the car park at the end of Buccleuch Street; feeling rather shaky, I leave the bus and slowly – for I'm finding the difficulty of trying to think while putting one foot in front of the other challenging – haul myself into the Greenhouse Café – for years this was Melrose Coffee Shop, known locally as Papa Jack's after it's avuncular owner, although for years it was unchanged, from season to season, year to year, because when it came to décor, Jack was a pinchpenny, until he sold it to the people who own Milestone, a Garden Centre at Newtown St Boswells, and they transformed it; Rita, one of the regular waitresses approaches me and asks if I want my usual – a Latte and slice of cheesecake; numbly I nod and, sensing that something is wrong, she sits beside me and asks if I'm okay; Rita is naturally questionous, in a good way – she should be a counsellor or therapist, or an investigative reporter, because she knows how to get to the nub of another's problem, and this first chance to talk switches something inside me and I pour it all out, in a torrent, disjointed, sequence disrupted, but somehow she manages to make sense of the of the thing and tells me to wait, while she passes on my order; she seems to return instantly and I realise my perceptions are distorted, for it would at least have taken a few minutes, but here is my steaming latte and a larger than usual slice of cheesecake, and we are joined by Rosa, another waitress who has been a friend of mine since schooldays and Rita has already told my story to Rosa, so I must be having black-outs, whole minutes truncated without me having any sense o the loss: "you need to go to the polis," says Rosa firmly – and I remember that she was stalked by an ex-girlfriend a couple of years ago, a really heavy-duty affair that nearly put her in Huntlyburn until she overcame the natural reticence of lesbians and involved the police: "fer fucksake, Isa and Milly live wi ye, they'll ken hoo tae track this Robin person doon, won't they?" and of course I agree; I take out my phone and show the email correspondence to Rosa and Rita: "aye," says Rita, "they'll be able tae find oot wha this Robin is, whaur she sent these messages frae – or he, whichever it is," and of course they're right; my cousins are police officers and work mainly on cases involving women and children, not that they are always successful – lawyers can make mincemeat out of what seem to be watertight cases – but at this stage all I want to know is who Robin is and how she or he could possibly have known that I would be on the bus, which is when I show them the curling paper, with the phone number: "div ye want me tae phone her – ah kin withhold ma ain number – pretend like am daen Merkit Research an we kin hear her voice?" but. tempted though I am, I decline Rosa's offer: "no, babe, I'm going to speak to Isa when she finishes her shift," but the truth is I'm scared, for all we know, this Robin person might even be watching us at this very moment and I don't want to risk putting Rosa or Rita into the firing line!

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Tuesday, February 26, 2019 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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