Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Two days later, Tim was again joined on the River Steps by the old man: "are ye still in a joab, Tim?" asked he, and Tim replied with a nod: "she says it isn't over till she says it's over!" and the old man laughed: "do you remember South Carolina's Nullification Act?" but Tim had to shake his head, so the other continued: "of course, ye're just a slip of a lad, and I must have looked a bit like ye then, but if ye put things in terms of gamification - ye'll be familiar with Transactional Analysis and the Games People Play?" and sadly, Tim again shook his head: "ah, it's a poor kind of education ye've had, Tim, me dear fellow, and I'm sorry tae express animadversion on the antics of ye're boss-lady; I daresay that an Einsteinian approach to her problems might not be welcome, but ye know, when there's a roxy apple in the barrel, it's only gettin rid of it that saves the rest – but ye have tae time it right, Tim, if ye don't want it tae burst in yer haund, an spatter yer guid suit an shiny shoes, maybe ye have tae think about yer own situation in terms of a story, d'ye see what I'm drivin at, Tim? d'ye follow me drift?" and this time Tim nodded, for he recalled a school

play, in which he wore a white sheet and carried one of those retractable stage daggers, while he and the others crowded around the tragic figure who cried out 'et tu. Brute?' without the inflexion, and despite the Drama Teacher's reprimand and the giggles of the other assassins, Tim squirmed with guilt and remorse, but took the old Man's bottle while they sat on the steps just a couple of feet from the bible-black, slow black oily ripples as the river flowed past them, below and above, although the sounds of the city barely reached their depth, and he enjoyed the warmth as the whiskey trickled down his throat, and he asked: "why are you here?" and the old man took a swig himself, before saying: "why, jist like yersel, Tim, me lad, I'm just waitin fer Dogot," and Tim almost laughed, then said: "don't you mean Godot?" at which the old man looked at him with a curious expression of sadness and mirth, and whispered: "ye'll ken when ye see him, with yer own eyes, Tim," and took another swig, before passing the bottle to him!


(by MissTeriWoman)


In his bitter animadversion on current-day education practices, Caspar Milquetoast complained about the gamification of college classes, where everything has to be fun and relatable, from a staged murder trial for Oedipus to calculus formulas presented as puzzles, all apparently for the benefit of less than Einsteinian students, and although Professor Milquetoast's own lecture techniques were so set in habit that they put even him to sleep, it was hard to disagree that these cute and tricky stunts would age badly and soon become as roxy as an old banana, and without necessarily any particular benefit to students beyond temporary entertainment. (by TheMagicalExplodingUnicorns)
The Quandary for Thursday, March 14, 2019 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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