Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


And in the mornin, while the buoys et their porridge, which Blind Harry had soaked in watter owernicht, Harry resumed his story: "weel, lads, tales began tae trickle intae Glen Lochlann, o the activities o MacFarlane an Doubleday; it seemed they wis falsely representin theirsels again as crusoes an as pseudopatients, claimin they's lost airms an legs in fechtin invaders an wis swindlin puir fowk, an gettin up tae aw sorts o mischief an abusin lassies an aw sorts, an when these stories reached the ears o the young Laird, Lochlann o Lochlann, he sed tae hissel, 'am responsible fer aw this, so it's up tae me tae pit a stoap tae it,' so he upped an set aff tae see the miscreants brocht tae justice or else! noo, as it happens, he caught up wi them in Glen Glum, an he confronted them wi their misdeeds, an MacFarlane cheeked him, sayin: 'ye'r nae oor maister, an ye hae nae authority here!' an in a sense, thon wis true, but Lochlann wis so incensed, he went tae see the Chief o Clan Glum, auld Torquil, faither o the Torquil in the story o The Red Etin, wha said: 'whit can ah dae aboot it?' for he wisnae the least bit bothered aboot the wey the two slaughs were abusin his tenants, it wis nae worse than he'd bin daen hissel when he wis younger, an they wis gien him a backhander onywey, as Lochlann fund oot through enquiries wi Glum's Factor, wha wisnae a bad sort, only a bit queer an lackadaisical, an this fair riled Lochlann, fer he wis by nature honest and carin, an he resolved that it wis his duty tae the puir, even nor Glum wisnae interested in rockin the cradle; so he girt hissel wi his sword an dirk and sought them oot an telt them it wis him or them: 'ah'm goanie run yese aff, an yer nevver goanie set foot back here agen or ah'll run yese through!' an ye ken whit? he nevver sed a truer word; weel an anon, the fecht wis terrible tae behold, whit a hammajang o a ding-dang – on yin side, young Lochlann, an on t'ither, MacFarlane an Doubleday an their crew – horrible brutes wha'd rape a wummin an then force her maun tae feed them, waitin on their table like as if they wis Lairds an no common thieves and robbers and murderers an rapists! weel an anon, cam the fateful hoor, the sky was reekin red an the mountains turned tae bluid an on ane side o Loch Glum, there wis MacFarlane an Doubleday an their band o rogues an rascals, all thirstin fer Lochlann's guts, fer he had disrupted their business an they jist wanted him deid so they cood cairry oan as afore, an on the ither side, aw alane wis Lochlann! an the first scary thing the rogues saw, wis Lochlann, eatin a scrumptious juicey plum, like ane wha hus nary a care in the wurld, walkin oan the watter, aw the wey across tae their side; weel, that fairly spooked the mair nervous o their cronies, wha didna fancy fechtin a maun wha kin walk oan watter, so they scarpered sharpish; next, as he stood oan the shore, he threw a dirk up intae a tree ahent him, an oot tummled a grouse, wi the dirk stickin oot, an the yins that didnae fancy tacklin a maun that kin see ahent him slunk aff intae the hills; an thon wis when Lochlann took his bow an arra an fired a arra intae a bale o hay, that burst intae flames, an the yins that coodna tak the heat fair ran back tae their mammies, which only left MacFarlane an Doubleday an it hus tae be said, they were cowards but they were the last men staunin until Lochlann pulled oot a flat bent piece o wud an flung it awa across the Loch in a big arc follo'd aw the wey bi the eyes o his twa opponents as it skimmed across the surface o the loch an soon wis headin back an they cood see it wis comin straucht fer them two stiltskins, which wis when they took tae their heels an ran as fast as they micht, ower the hills an fer awa! an they never cam back, nor their bluid-thirsty henchmen neither, an when the tale wis bein telt in Castle Glum later that nicht, Torquil Glum asked his Factor wha it wis that aided Lochlann an wis telt it wis naebdy, jist hissel, and Torquil asked, amazed like, "jist The Lochlann hissel?" an that wis hoo he came tae be The an no O!" an the loons fair cheered an spent sum time, while daen the washin and dryin an tidyin up, tryin tae wurk oot hoo the amazin things The Lochlann hud dun that day hud been dun an in the end it wis Gibby wha walked up tae Harry an asked him ootricht: "hoo cood he walk on watter, Harry?" an Harry turned his unseeing eyes towards the buoy an said: "d'ye really want tae ken, Gibby?" an the lad said: "aye, Harry," so Harry telt him: "cos he wis The Lochlann!"

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Saturday, March 30, 2019 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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