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The walk through the centre of Dungannon was an eye-opener to Connor O'Hare, who'd spent almost all of his life in Glasgow, apart from summer holidays Doon the Watter: it seemed more like a village, but MacFarlane told him a little of it's history, particularly the Plantations, when Presbyterian Scottish settlers were encouraged to migrate from their homeland to take up lands confiscated by the English Crown, in which way they had become the majority population in the Province of Ulster: "they whelmed the place, swarming like rats, getting the most fertile land for their farms and leaving rocky hilltops or bogs for the native population," and Connor suddenly understood the origin of the derogatory term, Bog Irish, he had heard as a schoolboy, usually directed at Catholics, then realised that MacFarlane was still talking: "and they received pelf – money grants – not available to the Catholics, and here we are!" it was a long low building of timber and cob, with a thatched roof, and although it was surely old, it gleamed in the morning sun, for it had recently been painted – or re-painted – the walls a startling white, window shutters a sunny golden yellow, and the two doors that Connor could see were a vivid green, and above the doors in a deep sky blue, the name – The Fountain! in a flowing script: "let's away in and see if they are arrived already," and MacFarlane led the way into a sizeable room, again freshly whitewashed and with sawdust scattered on the stone flags; they passed through this to a smaller room, lined with bookshelves from floor to ceiling on all four walls – even above the doors; MacFarlane opened the second door and indicated that Connor should go first – a narrow corridor, with three right turns took them to a door which, Connor realised, must be in the middle of the place, and he opened it, as directed and found himself in a small square space which was really a courtyard, with no roof, barely furnished with a square table and four chairs: on two of them sat Alec and the other man from last night, Danny Doubleday: "do sit, Mr O'Hare, Paddy and I have a few questions for you, and Connor's eyes met Alec's, which gave nothing away; when Connor and Paddy were seated, Doubleday produced two pipes and a tobacco pouch, while Paddy put two other pipes on the table: "take yer fill, gentlemen," said Danny, and each man filled his pipe, then Danny took a tinderbox from his pocket, struck and lit his own pipe, before handing the box to Alec, who did the same, and when all four pipes were producing clouds of grey smoke, it was Paddy who said: "you'd better tell us where you come from and why you are here – and don't try to sell us any brummagem, remember, we saw you arrive out of nowhere and forget all that shite about an ass and cart! we know exactly how you came here, because we came the same way! so no flim-flam, or Danny here will have to do something rather noisy!" at which point Danny took two large flint-lock pistols from his pockets, twirled them on his forefingers in an impressively wieldy way and pointed them directly at the two new arrivals' heads: "they aren't very accurate, but at this range I cannot miss!" which as it turned out, was a bluff charge, for, a few seconds later, he returned the pistols to his pockets, the door opened, and a young woman entered carrying a tray, with a large slab of fruit cake, already cut into slices, and a whiskey bottle – unlabelled – and four tumblers, all of which she set on the table, then, with a quick curtsey, she left and closed the door behind herself; then Danny said: "okay, I'll start the ball rolling – you dress like you're from the mid 20th century, you told me, Alec, that you both met at an archaeological dig at Trimontium Roman Camp near Melrose, so that suggests to us that your journey here began on or in – or thereabouts, which makes no odds – the Eildon Hills; am I getting warm?" his eyes flicked from Alec to Connor and back again: "your faces tell me I'm hot! and that's good to know, because it means you have no history here, no known identities, and you are from the two local moieties – the indigenous Irish Catholics and the transplanted Scotch Protestants," and he turned to Paddy, saying: "it's like the forerunner of the US of A, in't it just? sweep the Redskins into reservations to make way for the Settlers, whether farmers or ranchers, and keep shrinking the reservations till there's no Injins left, and the Nazis followed that same pattern, but with modern technology – what goes around comes around," and his eyes returned to Alec and Connor: "of course the Romans were good at it too, divide and rule, you create a binary choice, Good vs Evil, because you can't have Roast Beef without it's essential entremet, which is?" and Connor said it: "Yorkshire Pudding!" and Danny: "Fish?" and Connor: "and Chips!" and Danny turned gleefully to Paddy: "he's gottit, by George, he's gottit!"

(by MissTeriWoman)


The only things you need in order to engage in the profound business of pilfering pelf, my dear Oliver, is a wieldy hand and a flexible conscience, for those gentlemen you see over there are but a moiety of society at large and all you are doing is extracting a mere entremet from the voracious gluttons of this world.

(by The Masked Pimpernel)
The Quandary for Saturday, April 06, 2019 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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