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Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Which, in short, is how it came about that Messrs Barnaby Rudge and Savile Rowe, the illustrious Editor and Assistant Editor respectively, of the popular literary, satirical, political and artistic journal, QQ, found themselves joined at their lunch table by Miss Theresa Somerville and her young Irish companion, Mister Adonis Sheehy-Skeffington, the avant-garde librettist from Dungannon, in Ireland, of whom they had already heard so much, for, it may be a truism, but that doesn't make it any less true, that news from the smaller of the two larger British Isles travels faster to London on Gramarye, than from Belfast to Cork, or Tipperary to Dublin, "and such is life," sighed Mr Rowe, fastidiously adjusting his monocle, the better to examine this young Adonis who took the chair opposite him and more than lived up to his name and reputation; which was when Dirk Doubleday appeared and pulled out the chair beside Theresa: "why, Mr Doubleday," said Barnaby, "how did you . . . . ?" but Dirk simply smiled: "it was Miss Siddons," he said, "she intimated to me that she had met you, Miss Somerville, and told me you might be lunching with Mr Rudge and Mr Rowe here, so I thought this would be a good chance to sample the Dopiaza I've heard so much about and tell you about the idea I had for a series of articles on Universal Suffrage, which I believe you may be interested in," and Theresa agreed that if it also argued particularly for Female Suffrage it could certainly appeal to QQ's growing female readership and she would be delighted to work with Dirk on some articles; "we can interview John Stuart Mill and Henry Fawcett," she said, "and I know some of the women in the Kensington Society and I'm sure they would be more than happy to be involved," which Dirk agreed would be extremely useful, "although they are pretty much all middle-class, and single, and, it must be admitted, comfortably off, at the very least, and it would help if we can find working-class, married women, mothers even, and get their views – have you met Karl Marx, the German philosopher? both he and Friederich Engels are willing to meet us," and Theresa realized that he had not been simply thinking about the project, he had already made contact with some good sources, and there was something quite inexorable about Mr Doubleday, which belied his non de plume of a Gentleman's Gentleman, "although I'm not sure how many revolutionary ideas our esteemed editors will be willing to make space for; and Theresa had a sudden thought, so turning to Barnaby she asked him: "am I correct in thinking, Mr Rudge, that you were at university with William Morris?" and he confirmed her belief, "yes, of course, we were contemporaries at Oxford and both joined the Birmingham Set," so she went on: "do you think he would be interested in discussing Mr Doubleday's idea for a series of articles on Universal Suffrage?" and after a few moments thought, Barnaby agreed, adding: "though, he might want to focus on the largely disenfranchised Proletariat, because as a Communist he wants to encourage working people, both women and men, to be participants in Society and especially Government – what is that phrase from President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address? 'of the People, by the People, for the People' - now that is the kind of Campaign that QQ could provide an excellent platform for; and forgive me if I sound like an opportunistic proprietor, but it would also be an ideal means for us to increase and widen our readership, I have often thought that we are perhaps in a niche, one that we share with Punch but in any direct competition, I am afraid that we lose, and one way of improving our commercial viability would be to champion causes which have a wider appeal, to both men and women and cut across the different Class boundaries; the Penny Dreadfuls sell mostly to young Working-Class men, there are any number of romantic publications aimed at young, Working and Middle-Class, women, but not a lot that attracts everyone, across the Classes and ages and to men and women alike; if we take up the cause of Universal Suffrage, looking at the different constituencies – Working and Middle-Class Men, and also Women, because of their different needs and ambitions – we might just hit on something! look, I can't give you a blank cheque, but if you can put together a proposal, find contributors, and a range of themes – educational opportunities, welfare, suffrage, parliamentary reform, including the House of Lords, and employment – that would turn QQ into a real campaigning paper, not just an amusement to while away a dreary journey, or a rainy afternoon, we might even give Punch a run for it's money, and Mark Lemon a bloody nose – he's always cocking a snook at us, as if we are poor relations – and this might just be the time for me to draw on my connection to Hablot Browne, my wife is a cousin to his wife, and a few covers by Phiz would certainly not do us any harm, though we mustn't let our enthusiasm run away with us, none of us are going to be as rich as Croesus, but I'm sure we all deserve to earn a fair remuneration for our work," and then he turned to Adonis, saying: "and perhaps, Mr Sheehy-Skeffington, you would be interested in contributing an Anthem to accompany some of these articles? how about one 'For The Common Man' or maybe 'On the Rights of Women' and perhaps 'We're All God's Children'? now, please don't worry that I'm trying to give you the Titles, or the content, I wouldn't dream of it, I'm an Editor, not an Author! but it would be wonderful if, should any particular group decide to march on Parliament, and chain itself to the railings, Heaven Forfend, it had it's own Marching Song and the words were printed in QQ! don't you agree?" and addressed in such decisory terms, what else could Adonis do but nod his assent, although he had not the faintest idea what the Editor was talking about, his attention and conversation having been focussed entirely on Mr Rowe, whose own attention and his conversation, had likewise been given entirely to the handsome young Irishman, who more than anyone, quite lived up to his name, for this was truly a case of lust at first sight for the pair of them!

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Tuesday, April 23, 2019 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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