Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

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And so it came to be, that the Archbishop led his Bishops and their prisoner out of a cave in the mountainside, into a sunlit glade and sat him upon a boulder that had lang syne been severed by lightning storms from the great rocky crag and rolled down to the place where it now stood: "give him watered wine to quench his thirst," said the Archbishop, "and meat to eat his fill, and let us listen to what he knows of Quixote," and he kicked the man's foot and one of the Bishops cut his bonds and held a goatskin to the man's lips and he drank greedily, and another Bishop gave him a platter on which slices of venison were laid; and a third Bishop pulled away the strip of cloth that had bound his eyes and Sir Parlane MacFarlane stared at his captors and sighed, for he knew this place to whence he had been brought and knew that no rescue was possible, he had been here countless times, and even in his oneiric returns, for the dream-state enabled him to repeat his best memories, he knew that this valley was one that afforded an erratic Worm Hole as the only means of escape, but it was risky, because it could lead the unwary to almost the Point of Destruction!; years had passed since he had first gained his knowledge of the Worm Holes, years during which he had travelled further in Time and Space than any other, saving, perhaps, his half-brother Dominic Doubleday, or one of his many aliases: Desmond, Duncan, Django, Doughty (ha ha, such an oxymoron, silly fucker, a Moron for sure) and the Red Etin; years in which he had lived his life to the full, had exploited and profited from his knowledge, had corrupted and debauched and depraved, only and exclusively for his own pleasures and now, it seemed possible, that he had reached the End of Times; he didn't know how or why the Spanish Inquisition had tracked him down – he had no knowledge of the poor fellow they were pursuing nor how or why they had chanced upon him – his security had been breached, in much the same way as Dominic's had, when the Shottstown Ladies Quick-Draw Club had found his supposedly secure Love Nest in Edinburgh and spirited away his illicit pleasures, oh yes, that had been the beginning of the End of Times, deceived by Dominic's Achilles heel – a craving for tender young shoots and a misplaced belief that his exalted position in Police Scotland made him inviolate – and it had just been a matter of time until he had reached this point – it was all so silly, random and unfair, but that was probably The Creator's way of getting back at him for abusing that one little error in the Universe to benefit his own appetites; he slowly returned his attention to what was happening in this present time: the Archbishop was giving him the full bloviation, his justification for the Terrors of his Spanish Inquisition – there was no need to listen, until he got to that bit when he told MacFarlane exactly what he needed, the one vital piece of information which, if given, would result in the immediate release of the prisoner – that was the Archbishop's Achilles heel, he needed the information but, alas and alack, MacFarlane did not possess it; how should he free himself from this Unholy hassle? which was when he heard a jingling of harness and in the distance saw a lone knight upon his horse and he said: "hark! is not that the person you seek? just emerged from the same cave as by which you brought me here?" and the Archbishop looked where MacFarlane pointed and he was visibly elated: "yes, indeed! that is the Quixote we seek, that is he, the man whose soul is in jeopardy, you can go!" – and with that, the Spanish Inquisition forgot about Macfarlane and set off towards the old man whose horse looked as weary as any that has carried the weight of a man in full armour, and now unheeded, MacFarlane made his way towards the cave and entered it, glad to be shot of them and hoping only that this time the Worm Hole would would lead him back to his hotel suite, for he still had unfinished business to attend to; ah, but there was a wrinkle in Time and the Worm Hole, as if it had a mind of it's own, took him elsewhere!

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Friday, June 14, 2019 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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