Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


This is just a footnote,

A little note to say,

Something went awry,

With my sentence of today!

I took my cousin's name in vain,

I dropped it on the floor,

I put my own, where hers should be,

What did I do that for?

Normally so sedulous,

A little ambivert;

I scorn any Imperium,

My nose is slightly pert;

Of Godwin's Law I've read and read;

How Men comport themselves,

You'll never hear such names as Hitler,

Flung among our Elves;

When they conduct their business,

In our little Potting Shed,

The gentle murmur of their voices

Finds me in my bed;

It sends me off to sleep at night

And wakes me in the morn,

When they call the House to Rise,

With their blasted ALPENHORN!

(by MissTeriWoman)


There, lying on the grass, was Dominic Doubleday, being tended by a doctor and a paramedic, who had run down from the HEMS helicopter, which could still be heard, idling, on the shoulder between the North and Mid Hills; a man and woman stood nearby, beside a Quad Bike – the man wore orange overalls, with the Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue tag, while the woman wore a Police Scotland uniform; she was the one Teri and Milly were staring at, because they both recognised her as a younger Milly Millican, and it was the older Milly who spoke first: "Jesus, Teri, I looked like a school kid back then!" and Teri laughed: "sometimes you still do, Milly!" and Milly asked: "what year d'you reckon it is, then?" but Teri didn't reply, instead she walked over to the younger Milly, who looked startled, because this woman looked like an older version of Teri, who was back at the Cop Shop, and then she gasped, as she caught sight of the youngest-looking woman among the group in the cave-mouth; Teri spoke first: "excuse me, but are you Constable Millican? Milly Millican?" and Milly glanced up at the drone, still hovering above the scene, before answering: "yes, Ma'am, but who are you?" and Teri produced her Warrant Card, saying: "I'm DS Teri Somerville of Police Scotland, what's the date?" at which Milly took a deep breath and said: "it's the 3rd of July, 2019 – what did you think it was?" but before replying, Teri looked up, directly into the drone's camera lens, then back at Milly, then said: "my DS, Milly Millican and I left here in 2038, following up leads in the disappearance of a group of elderly men back in 2018 – their bodies turned up twenty years later, or at least, some of them, and there were DNA traces which strongly implicated Sir Parlane MacFarlane, who was under arrest in New York, so we went over to interview him, and this guy, Dominic Doubleday – it's a long story, but we, and three friends from America, have just travelled back from 2084 in this replica of the Eildon Hills – I think it was supposed to remain in the same place, but turn back the clock to 2038; can you call for backup? there are a lot of Neanderthals inside and a couple of Russian heavies and possibly the Bronx DA who disappeared at the same time MacFarlane and Doubleday escaped; by the way, who's running Control?" and Milly pointed to the drone: "it belangs tae the Moontin Rescue fowk," she said, slipping into her less-official form of speaking, "bu' it's PC Teri Somerville wha's in cherge at the moment, it's less than hauf an 'oor since this landit here an dozens, hunners, o hooses hae disappeared unner it, buried!" and then she called Teri on her radio: "PC Millican to Control – we've got the injured man and six walkers here, more inside, the Medics are stretchering the patient and taking him by chopper to the BGH, can we have some help to bring all these people down, over," and she looked at the older Teri and said: "there's goanie be a wheen o pepperwork efter aw this is cleared up, bit oor priority is tae reach fowk wha micht be trapped in their hooses unner aw this," her arms indicating the range and scale of the work ahead, "for aw the emergency services. . . . ." at which Teri said: "well, PC Millican, sorry, Milly, your older self, and I will help in any way we can, and for a start, can I borrow your handcuffs and we'll put them on MacFarlane, he's a slippery customer, we've been sedulous in hunting him and I don't want him getting away from us now!" which was when they heard the two men in the cave-mouth arguing; MacFarlane was seething and trying desperately to close the entrance, waving his arms about kicking, punching and shouting obscenities while the man he thought was Bonanno stood his ground and refused to give way, eventually roaring back: "shudduppayaface! cut the Imperium cackle – you might tink you're fuckin Adolph Hitler, but I'm Mussolini an I'm fuckin bigger dan you!" and Teri grinned: "it's Godwin's Law, happens every time two men get into a debate! the older guy is Hyman Kaplan, one of our friends – he's a bit of an ambivert, he can seem introverted a lot of the time, but when he's roosed, ye ken, pit yer fing'ers in yer lugs an staund back!"

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Wednesday, July 03, 2019 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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