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Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


After an extended, unexpected, enforced and quite painful hiatus - the result of a lightning strike at QQ - I'm back again; for my cousins, Isa Urquhart and Milly Millican, the appearance of themselves from twenty years in the future, along with the replica of the Eildon Hills, has been traumatic and bewildering: it's not quite the same as with the two Professors Sir Clement Dane, who are the same age, both a tad gorbellied, with broken veins on their faces, and a tendency to fallaciloquence, which doesn't endear them to the locals, but just as difficult to adjust to - strangely, and contrary to what I would have expected, neither of the older Detectives has any memory from their own youthful experiences of receiving this encounter with their older selves, so maybe there is some truth in the concept of parallel universes; anyway, they have all been working together in processing the various people who travelled from Prince Edward Island in 2084 back to Melrose in our own time, along with the recreation of our local tourist attraction: Sir Parlane MacFarlane and Dominic Doubleday are in custody at Hawick Police Station, their two bodyguards - Digby and Percy - have been identified by DNA as the two Russian Oilygarchs, Paderewski Varolov (Percy) and Dmitri Dosvedanya (Digby) who went missing after attempting to steal the Journal of Sir Parlane from the Danes and the Very Reverend Angus MacAngus, are being held in Melrose and awaiting a representative of the Russian Embassy in London before they are taken to Edinburgh on charges of attempted murder and theft; the DA from the Bronx, Ms Crystal Shann-Delyeer and her friend Flora Dora are staying at The Ship Inn, courtesy of Rusty Nails and Doughty Douglass - they both originated in the same period as the newly arrived Isa and Milly and have no desire to return to present day New York, so have resigned themselves to staying here unless someone can figure out a way to transport them to their own time; the three New York journalists, Hyman Kaplan, Rose Mitnick and Sadie Moskowitz, who were assisting Isa and Milly on Prince Edward Island, are working on a book and movie deal about their experience; and the Neanderthals - of yes, we mustn't forget them - continue to live in the replica of the Eildons and have been helping the Scottish Borders Mountain Rescue Service survey the original hills, to create a 3D map of the interior, the caves, tunnels, entrances, detritus even, of their home in 32,018 BC and their Head Man, Nigel, has been elected to Melrose Community Council; my aunts, Daphne, Maude and May, and a team from Scottish Natural Heritage are working on a scale model of the now Double Eildons and planning the archaeological work which has been proposed to the Scottish Government; so while I have been in the doldrums since my eye operation, everyone else has been working away like beavers - but Ludmilla Lermontova and Jasmine Juniper-Green have been keeping me up to date with their investigations into MacFarlane and Doubleday - they are determined find out exactly where, in the Past, Future, or Present, that pair of murderous deviants have reached in their own chronology: when I expressed my doubts as to the possibility, they showed me a Time-Line they have constructed, demonstrating the sequence of appearances in different years, different centuries, different places, since their Time/Space travels began back in the 13th Century; quite honestly, it makes my mind boggle, for I don't have their grasp of the intricate minutiae of Worm Holes and the Wrinkling of the Space/Time Continuum, and the jumps MacFarlane and Doubleday made from their Martial roles in Roman Scotland, to 19th Century London, to pre-World War II Germany, in Glasgow after the war, and to Antarctica during it, or St Petersburg at the time of the Russian Revolution, even Minto and Liverpool in the 1840s, but it's nice to have anyone willing to spend some time with me; but then I had an idea: "show it to Little Levy Balquhidder, you know, the little boy who is in regular contact with The Creator? he's got a new baby sister, Wee Winnie, and I understand that her Spirit is the one he calls Columbine - Jings-oh! if anyone can verify your Time-Line, that pair are the very dab!"

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Sunday, September 22, 2019 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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