Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Over, and after the meal, Riddle Rankine gave the two visitors a run-down on the legal practice of Martin Elginbrod before and since his disappearance – he gave no indication of the wealthy and successful lawyer's present whereabouts – telling them that the two junior Advocates in the practice, and the three solicitors, all had healthy case-files and that business, for them, was booming; Elginbrod, indeed all the Elginbrods who had practised in Edinburgh over the past eight centuries, had been particularly skilful at establishing Copyrights, ever since the second of the line had moved down from Elgin in the 13th century and established himself on the strength of his late father's epitaph: Here lies Martin Elginbrod,

Have mercy on my soul,

Lord God, As I would do were I Lord God,

And Thou were Martin Elginbrod

which had been licensed for reproduction many thousands of times and the royalties were still rolling in; he explained that by Elginbrod successfully registering Brexit on the day of that word's first appearance in print, one of the Assistant Clerks was now employed full-time on that alone, combing newspapers and magazine's, monitoring television and radio stations, both in Britain and all the other national signatories to the International Agreement on Intellectual Property, despite the simple fact that Elginbrod himself had not coined it: "that was a guy called Peter Wilding, who was the founder of a Think Tank dedicated to keeping Britain in the forefront of Europe, maintaining British Influence in the European Union – I believe he regarded Brexit as a pejorative term, based on the earlier campaign for Greece's possible Exit from the Eurozone with the portmanteau word Grexit, I don't know if anyone made money out of that one, but Wilding would probably be spitting tacks if he knew how much Elginbrod has raked in from Brexit Jeannie snorted, said she was having an early night, promised to see the others in the morning, and left them with the washing-up; and that was when Jasmine asked Riddle how long he'd been at Elginbrod's? he peered at her over the top of his glasses, which had slipped down his nose: "fifteen years, if you count the part-time clerical work I did while I was still at school, it was my uncle Izzy who got me in, he was Chief Clerk and the position of Chief Clerk tended to run in the family, ever since Levy Ratkind first worked for the third Elginbrod in 1299 – he was a Uranian Ashkenazim whose great grandfather had come over the Urals to escape the pogroms and found acceptance in Caledonia – naturally, displaced populations tend to coalesce, and the Uranians made their home in what became The Cowgate, on the southern side of the ridge which runs from the Castle Rock down to Holyrood, they also Sottished their name to Rankine; the Law then was enforced with contumacy – you had to be driven and enraged to take your persecutors through the Courts, and the first Rankine's intellect meshed well with the 3rd Elginbrod's greed – they soon developed a working practice which relieved deep pockets of handfuls of their cash – it was a bit like Forward Trading in the Stock Markets today: if you can see what course a gentleman's life is taking and make projections in what came to be known as Uranian Astrology, because it had it's birth pains in that close-knit community, you can insure against his rising and falling; so Lawyers were able to establish their hegemony in Embra long before Bankers and Stock-brokers came on the scene and their word became the doxa; no-one questioned it and soon enough it had Aye Been! and when Lawyers got rich, by biting the backs of the Wealthy, so their Clerks got comfortable riding on the Lawyers' backs; so I started in here as a part-timer, filing and forwarding, and that was about the time that Elginbrod – the father of the present one – brought the two divisions of the business, the Solicitors and the Advocates under one roof in Elginbrod Chambers, just a few steps from Parliament House and therefore had absolute control of every Brief at every stage – I don't know why no-one had thought of it before, I mean it makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

(by MissTeriWoman)


While the enduring doxa of our clergy may occasionally accommodate - how shall I put it? -  recreational Uranian activity, this behaviour cannot be construed as a wilfully aberrant contumacy, but on the contrary emulates the hegemonic example set by our archbishop, whose partiality for cultivating the green carnation is well known.

(by Bud Myte)
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