Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


While all the other passengers and the rest of the crew were watching Shug's daredevil display of delphinestrian, I crept down to the passenger cabins and picked the lock on Maisters MacFarlane an Doubleday's door – another example o the benefit o a voracious reading regimen (ah devour aw an ony words an iffen they're new, mak it ma object tae discern their meaning: Maister Johnson's Dictionary has it's uses but no fer every obscure word, but ah brocht twa ithers alang as weel - borrowed fi Minto Hoose Library - an ma Thesaurus which is gey handy tae; pickin locks cam fae an article in Blackwood's Magazine atween a recipe fer Haggis an a review o Lady Punchestown's second volume of Irish Ballads; onyhoo, aince ah wis in it wis a metter o answerin the wh-questions plus the aw-important HOW? – no that ah really expected obvious or instant answers tae be divulged in ma first search, ah coodny spend lang fer they could come clatterin doon the gangway ony time, but efter findin a poke o dried girolle mushrooms, quite tasty, ah cam across a notebook written in the hand o Sir Parlane (drat, ah did thon yesterday, it's sumthin a heard Swami Officer say, ah'll hae tae find oot whit he kens) Sir Principle, with places an dates, some in the past and ithers in the future, but ower far aff tae signify intended visits, cos they’ll baith be deid an buried by then – unless they ken the secret o Methuselah, or auld Gaffer Grimble at Minto Hoose, he must be twa hunner if he's a day, ha ha! – ah made full use o ma memory practice, had a guid stare at each page an got them aff pat in ma heid, the next question is that great big HOW? how dae thae fit thegither an whaur did the twa gentlemen return fae? ah checked the walls, ceilin, cupboards and drawers, under the beds ans even the porthole – ah could micht fit through it at a pinch, but na them, an even if ah did, the only wey is doon intae the sea, there's naethin tae haud on tae tae climb up; so if aw the likely answers ur impossible, whitever's left, nae metter hoo unlikely, must be the solution; methinks the dates an places in the notebook are highly significant, an the first thing tae dae is check up on whit ah can find oot aboot the PAST, it may provide a signpost tae the FUTURE! ah didnae wait tae hear them comin, wi the notebook memorised, ah slipt oot the cabin an made ma wey tae ma ain, which is jist a wee niche atween twa corners, a truckle bed, a box fer ma belongins, some hooks fer ma claes, an a board on ma knees fer a desk, the Carpenter kindly fitted a bracket fer a caundle above ma heid so's ah kin read in bed, nae porthole fer such an insignificant passenger as me, but aince ma een are runnin ower a printed page, ma cramped surroundins fa' awa an the hale world opens up in ma imagination an am the maist contented wee laddie in the Universe!

(by MissTeriWoman)


'Why? - because it's both cruel and tacky', said Suzy, turning in disgust from the aquarium's timetable of daredevil delphinestrian displays, 'and if you have any more stupid wh-questions just remember that when we first met I divulged to you my passion for wild mushroom hunting, notably girolles, and I could right now be out foraging for them and' (she added) 'for another boyfriend.'

(by Bud Myte)
The Quandary for Saturday, October 05, 2019 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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