Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


"Well, Miss Ulp," said Ochan'toshan, giving a girlish laugh, "it's rather an honour to meet the representative of such an august journal," and Ulla Ulp gazed at him curiously: "you have some familiarity with the paper?" she asked, "with my work?" and Ochan'toshan waved his hand dismissively: "not as intimately as I would wish," he said, with just a hint of regret in his voice, "the local newsagent carries only the local papers and a few of the nationals, UK nationals, for those of us who are interested in the wider world, but sadly, no international publications, he's rather parochial in his outlook, I'm afraid, but of course, I'm not just a gongoozler, I have heard of it, and yourself, from friends in Edinburgh, au naturale," which Ulla repeated, adding: "your mot juste is tres apposite," with just a hint of a French accent, which did not go unmissed by the transvestite in the chinoiserie housecoat: "and your interest in coming here, to my humble abode?" enquired the hostess, wishing that the empty bottles and clothes had not been left so artlessly displayed, but Miss Ulp graciously affected not to be aware of them, turning instead to the French windows and gazing out at the immaculate garden and the stirring view of the Eildon Hills beyond: "a truly beautiful location for a home, Mr, err," hesitating, possibly wondering if a more feminine appellation might be preferred, and receiving a moue in return: "I do prefer Miss, when I am dressed in my preferred style," said Ochan'toshan, "and if we are to be friends, which I earnestly desire, then please, call me Rani." and was rewarded with a warm smile from his glamorous, despite her substance, Norwegian visitor, noting himself that she had something of the look of an Eskimo Nell about her, and thinking that this was probably a result of her Viking DNA; then Ulla explained: "we are, as you are doubtless aware," she said, taking a seat on a sofa, thankfully unadorned by underwear, and inviting Rani to join her, implicitly reversing their roles, but with such charm and self-confidence that he didn't mind in the least, having quite a liking for dominant women: "well, as you know," Ulla continued, "we are a Conservative Christian bulwark against the intrusion of the so-called Democratic State into the individual rights of it's citizens, in fact, we are Libertarian on political, economic and social issues, and that is exactly why I am here," and she paused, giving him a moment to consider her words, then continued: "your friend Sir Parlane MacFarlane has been demonized in the same way as the Marquis de Sade and your society, The Ring of Gold, has been portrayed as an Internal Terrorist Alliance, but we, and our readers, see you as defending the Liberty of Thought, Word and Deed against unwarranted interference by the cartel of petit-bourgeois/social-communist crushers of Individuality – Minecrafters in the real world, intent on destruction and the imposition of Misery!" and Rani spontaneously clapped her hands in delight: "ooh-la-la! Ulla, you are truly a woman after my own heart – have you ever met Sir Parlane? he's here you know, came straight from the Court after the darling Judge did his duty and threw the case out, what a sweetie, I must send him a little gift in appreciation, but that can wait until after our clatfart," and on seeing the puzzlement on her visitor's face, she explained: "it's a colloquialism, just means gossiping, doing what we women do so well, eh, when the boys are out of earshot, ha ha – would like some tea, or coffee?" and she rang a bell which summoned the hulking butler, gave him the order for two coffees and some shortbread and asked him to track down MacFarlane and tell him there was an important guest, who would be overjoyed to meet him," and glanced from beneath her abundant lashes, and said: "but not half as much as I am, Ulla, overjoyed, that is, by your quite unexpected arrival here today – I hope that we can make the time to get to know each other better, would you like that too?" and hardly believing her luck, Ulla seized her hostess's hand and gave it what she hoped would be received as an affectionate squeeze; she had no illusions about how the Baronet would see her – as a middle-aged, elderly even, overweight and not especially good-looking, career journalist, just one to be used and forgotten, but Ochan'toshan, on the other hand, would be putty in her hands, and he was believed to be the Keeper of the Keys as far as The Ring of Gold was concerned, knowing all it's secrets and where all the bodies were buried, oh yes, he was the one to squeeze till his pips squeak!

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Monday, November 18, 2019 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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