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The Quest for Answers in End of Time Street

Episode 11

Previously: the shock of the murder not being a murder - yet, although it could still turn out to be so, if the victim didn't survive - seemed to have confused DI Enn Crusted, but the plucky DS Olive Major has risen to the occasion and taken control: read on. . . . .

"Hey, Olive, bae," said Jenny Jones, the first paramedic, to DS Major, on entering the room, then stopped dead in her tracks as the scene of apparent carnage presented itself; "this somekinda jape," asked her mate, Lou Lewis, peering over the first one's shoulder, before reaching a definitive judgement: "bloody murder!" then shook herself as DI Crusted's head appeared from behind the sofa: "is he dead too?" she asked, whistling an appreciation of the enormity of the crime, "was it a womannap gone wrong?" but Olive now took control of the situation: "this woman is alive, but you'd better hurry, she's got some serious wounds, as for DI Crusted, he was the first on the scene and it hit him pretty hard, probably still suffering from shock," and the two uniformed women snapped into action mode, quickly assessing the injuries of the woman who was still sprawled on the sofa, finding a good heartbeat, inserting a cannula into the vein on the back of her hand and an oxygen mask to her face; they had a folding stretcher and soon had her strapped onto it and ready for the descent of the stairs, which was when the Police back-up arrived and two constables were deputed to help the paramedics with their cargo, while another, after donning a pair of gloves, made a cup of strong tea for the DI who, with the help of Major, sat in an armchair opposite the sofa sipping it, as Major briefed a uniformed Sergeant and asked her to trace the owner and possible tenant of the flat, as well as check on the identity of the belligerent brute who had almost killed Crusted and then chased herself through the mean streets; the Sergeant was able to report that the trussed and still unconscious attacker had been collected by a pick-up truck and transported to the Station, where he was under lock and key, after having been assessed by a Police Surgeon who guessed that his state had been caused by an unfortunately severe trauma to his testicles – he'll live, was the consensus but his future fun might be rather compromised: "shame," said DS Major, deadpan, and she could have been referring to the first part, or the second; which was when Enn Crusted, revived by the tea, suddenly got to his feet and walked over to a door in the far corner of the room: "do we know what's in here?" he asked, over his shoulder, and Olive Major told him she hadn't had a chance to check: "well, Marj, let's take a butchers," and turning the knob, opened it and stepped inside, with her hot on his heels.

What lies Beyond? Are they making a Big Mistake? Will they Live to Tell The Tale? Will All be Revealed in Episode 12? Who Knows? Who Cares?????

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Thursday, February 20, 2020 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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