Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Ezekiel, of course, was taken aback when Nurse Mariah told him that she had arranged to go out for a Power Walk that evening with her friend Olive and that Olive's husband, Enneas, wanted to speak with Ezekiel and perhaps go for a walk with him too: "who's he?" and she replied: "he's the local Solicitor," which brought a worried look to Ezekiel's face: "why does he want to speak to me? have I done something wrong?" and Mariah laughed: "no, no. nothing like that – Olive thinks he spends too much of his day sitting down, indoors, either in his office or at home, he's probably putting on a bit of weight and she wants him to get some exercise and it's more fun to go out with someone else, she and I are planning to progress from walking to jogging and then join the local Jogging Club, and I thought the company would be good for you too, Ezekiel, you only go out to do the shopping, the rest of the time you're in here with only my misbegotten cat Greymalkin for company, I'm not saying you're spending too much time navel-gazing, because you keep the place far better than I ever have and your cooking is brilliant – that gribiche sauce last night with the pork chops was delicious, but I would like to see you making other friends," and Ezekiel shot a glance at the cat, perched, as usual, on the back of Nurse Mariah's favourite chair by the fire, but the cat merely stared up at the mantelpiece, where a little carved wooden mouse seemed to be looking back at him: "that's alright then," agreed the young man, relieved that no-one was saying he needed a lawyer and when Mariah added that she had also suggested he and this Enneas person might take a look into the Village Hall where The Nutwood Players were rehearsing their next production: "it's called The End of Time, and the poster says it's a Matrilingual Romance, which might be fun, but it seems they are short of a few hands back-stage and maybe you and Enneas would be able. . . . ." – ". . . . .to lend them a hand?" "yes," she confirmed: "but I don't know anything about acting," objected Ezekiel: "don't worry about that," assured Mariah, "they have plenty of people on-stage, it's more stage-hands they need, to move props and scenery and costumes and stuff, all the things the audience doesn't see, you never know, Ezekiel, you might pick up some new skills – painting scenery or building sets, or even sewing costumes," and he looked askance at her, "don't worry, I'm only joking!" but after she'd left for the Cottage Hospital, where Dr Graham had his surgery and Mariah treated minor injuries and ailments and there were two beds for – thankfully, rare – in-patients, Greymalkin fixed Ezekiel with a beady eye and hissed: "there's something fishy about this new pair, Enneas and Olive, they only arrived yesterday and overnight everyone's memory banks have been updated, it was a bit slower with you, I know, because your arrival was unorthodox and although a few people got your name in time others lagged badly, so they must have come in the lift – there can be a considerable delay that way, the passenger isn't aware of it, but it gives plenty of time to get all the residents' updated so that everyone's memories match and correlate," he gave a little whicker, "but you realised that you hadn't been aware of Olive and her husband and he didn't know about you, so something isn't right, I'll try to find out what, but just be careful," and Ezekiel felt a shiver of apprehension running down his spine, as if someone was closing on him with a switch-blade, or even a battle-axe, either of which would be a bad way to go!

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Sunday, February 23, 2020 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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