Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


"Well," said Bernie, getting to his feet and putting his chair at the back of the stage, "if that's the endlong debate over, an' we're waitin' for N to tell us 'ow 'e gets on with the Appeal against the Pronoia issued by the Licensing Committee, I reckon we ain't gonna be workin' tonight so I propose we adjourn to the Bluebell Inn an' talk about somethin' else over a jar of ale, and. . . . ." ha paused for several beats, then continued "termorra's Leap day an it's a Public 'oliday, so pub's stayin open a hour later by Special License, so who's up for it?" and this trenchant move by the Gaffer was seconded by several others so, with a scraping of chairs, the stage was quickly cleared and the Nutwood Players trooped into the early evening gloaming: "you know," said N to Dudley, who was busy lighting a pipe as they walked along, "the concept of the Overton Window?" and Dudley nodded: "always seemed to me to be a cynical acceptance of the fact that Public Opinion on the important Social Issues is just as malleable and capable of manipulation as when the harassed worker or housewife needs to buy some beans and doesn't realise that the choice of which to purchase has been, if you'll forgive the pun, instilled in his or her brain by advertising rather than experiment and experience, and will be there until a better advertising campaign changes his or her mind – when are the next Parish Council Elections, one wonders? perhaps a hint of possible challenge might encourage a re-consideration by the members of the Licensing Committee, what do you think, dear boy?" but before N could reply, John, one of the cast, who had been studying the menu board outside, said: "the Chef's Special is a Lamb Carbonado, can I coax anyone to share a large bowl?" at which another, Celia, a swellegant woman dressed impeccably and with chestnut hair, commented: "that's fine by me, Johnny, but first can you get me a large Bloody Caesar? meetings numb my brain," and somewhither close by, the ubiquitous cockney said: "if it's Alfonso who's in the kitchen tonight, I understood his Speciality to be Cod Pieces, he works wonders with them, ha ha ha," and laughing at his own joke he sashayed in, waving to some acquaintances who were already drinking at the far end of the bar, while the others pulled a couple of tables together and ringed it with chairs; everyone agreed to try the Special and John went to the bar to place an order for several large bowls, which they would share and Alfie made a list of the drinks, before joining John at the bar; N - which Enneas was now referred as - asked Karel, seated beside him, about the play, The End of Time: "it's a tragi-comedy," explained the Director, with a slight Polish accent, "based on the theory that after the Big Bank, the Universe will expand until it reaches the point at which it's velocity will reduce and the force of gravity will kick in and time will run backwards as the whole Universe falls back on itself and eventually implodes, in a new Big Bank, yes?" and N must have looked mystified, as the Director laughed and said: "do not worry, we express this idea by the simple device of a love story in which the second half is the first in reverse," but N admitted that he lacked the imagination to grasp how this would be done, then asked who had written it: "ah," said Karel, "it is the joint work of a couple of local writers, Brendan and Dylan - they write together under that nom de plume, Brendan Dylan, well, when they are sober, which is not very often, but they are both quite brilliant; you know, I have found that what is referred to as the Celtic Fringe - Scots, Welsh and Irish, Manx, even Cornish and Breton in France - possesses writers and thinkers who have a perception that appeals considerably to me; my family were Polish Jews, I lost all of them in the Shoah, The Holocaust, and I suppose I can identify with the cultural and physical repression which the Celts believe they have suffered under English domination for centuries, a domination which is quite untenable and yet it was only the Irish who fought fiercely for their independence, in recent times," and N sighed, just as the door burst open and two stocky, wild-haired men rolled in, arms linked as hough they were holding each other upright and made straight for the end of the bar where Ray and his chums were located: "is that them?" asked N, watching the interplay between the various members of the group, and as Karel nodded, he added: "quite a double-act," but Karel shook his head: "ah, no, it is a threesome!" and when N looked startled, he explained: "the third is something of a canker-blossom, Madame Alcohol, she will kill the both of them and yet, conversely, they cannot live without her and even when they have no money, it is one of the perks - I think that is the word? - of being a poet and a playwright, that someone will always stand them another drink when they cannot stand up themselves," and N thought about this, this whole new world in the village where he had lived all his life, these poets, dramatists, actors, directors, people he had never heard of before, never met, and supposed it was because he was a Solicitor and in all probability none of them had ever needed, or could have afforded, his services, but then he remembered his promise, and stood, shaking the hand of the Director: "tonight I must write the Request that the Licensing Committee rescind it's award of the various Rights to Mr Grabber, and while I firmly believe that The Law and Human Rights are on your side, it may be necessary to dicker a bit at some point, so I will neither rule that possibility in or out, it's always best to keep one's powder dry if you get my drift?" and Karel, who had a long, successful and distinguished career behind him, of which the young lawyer seemed quite ignorant - although he had been familiar with the names of several members of the cast - smiled modestly and said: "in this matter, N, we are in your hands and trust that you will do your very best on behalf of The Nutwood Players, particularly now that you and your young friend are members of our small enterprise, so L'Haim," and they clinked their glasses, N finished his drink and left the Inn, deep in thought but without sparing any for Ezekiel, who might not exist outside of the small stretch of Space/Time they had shared earlier., and it struck him that those past few hours felt as if they had expanded and filled as many days, and realised that Nutwood, as he now knew it, had changed utterly and forever and even supposed that he had too!

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Monday, March 02, 2020 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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