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Zadok had a most troubled sleep that night, in which dark and ominous dreams roiled around his bedchamber, like bats in a belfry, squealing and squeaking, their leathery wings beating against the ancient stone walls, occasionally becoming snagged on the bell-ropes, while he tossed and turned, alternately throwing off the duvet because he felt so unaccountably hot and sweaty, and dragging it over his head in vain hopes of warming his deep-chilled, remorse-filled, faith-killed, pig-swilled, stone-milled heart that seemed to pound like the big bell of Hell, going ting-a-ling-a-ling while the voices of the damned cried out his name, his real name, the one he had been born into in Ponty, after the war during which his father-to-be, Dai Morganknown by all and sundry as Dirty Dai for the brutal, even sadistic, delight he took out on anyone who opposed hima die-hard, hard-bitten, Jew-hating, Commie-baiting, out-and-out Fascist had been held at the Ascot Internment Camp in Frongoch, Merionethshire until the 9th of May 1945, the day after VE Day when he wasand the delay in releasing him demonstrates the concerns the authorities had for public safety, as even Sir Oswald Mosley had been released in 1943—the very last member of the British Union of Fascists to be released into a changed world, and a chance encounter with a Christian Missionary, Rev Sam Bones, on the train back to Ponty, resulted in his conversion, to the extent that, on leaving the station in his home town, he accompanied his new friend and saviour to the site of what was to become the Jerusalem Mission, on Puntabout Streetdirectly facing the hallowed ground of Pontypridd Rugby Football Cluband threw himself body and soul into first demolishing the bombed out shell of the town's only brothel - Grandma Evanses Layin Doon Hoose, as it was popularly known by all and sundryand the erection of the soon-to-be consecrated Nonconformist Chapel over which Rev Sam cast his spell, drawing first dozens, the hundreds, and laterafter extensive enlargementit could seat a capacity congregation of two thousand believers; here it was that precocious young Kevin Morgan absorbed his own Faith, almost with his mother's milk, for he was still a babe in arms when Bronwen Morgan took him to his first Service, and even to this day, the throb of a church organwhich at that time was played religiously every Sunday by his father who quickly received the appellation Organ Morgan which followed him to the grave forty years later and though it is well weathered, his tombstone still can be read:

Dai Organ Morgan,

1st April 1900 - 15th May 1987

In his hands,

the Organ upon which he played

was raised in stature

to a degree unequalled

by faithless men

as with other forms of synaesthesia, affects not only his hearing, but also his breathing, heart-rate, and the very brain-waves in his head, and tonight his very being was racked with demonic convulsions and a terrible sense of foreboding!

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Friday, May 01, 2020 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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