Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


The Bagman

It was on a Friday Noon-timeish, when the Bagman came,

He looked, he saw, his nostrils twitched, his fingers did the same,

The dead-hand of a former life glued him to the ground,

He opened his mouth but could not speak, nor make a single sound;


(Chorus) And it all makes work that the Bagman has to dae,

Do do do do daddlee-do da day


This was the Megapolitan's home, the Bagman kent it weel,

The Heid o the Mega-Polis, though it didnae look richt real,

A fairy castle the kind o thing ye've seen in Disney Filums,

Wi swimmin pools and squashy coorts, an bowers fer sookin pilums;


(Chorus) And it all makes work that the Bagman has to slum,

Do de do de dibbittee-do de dum


He opened a door marked Verboten! and stood on the threshold of gloom,

A red light glowed from the ceiling, above a white marble tomb,

But on top of the tomb lay a deid man, the Bagman clocked his face,

Oh my God, the Bagman thought, it's only Puddin' Race;


(Chorus) And it all makes work that the Bagman has to get done,

Do wappa do wappa do wappa bun!


Race wis the big Heid Honcho, the Capo o aw the Cops,

His faimly cam fae Naples, his Pa has fower Pizza shops,

Frae the land o Arte Povera, whaur poverty's arty an chic,

Tae the meanest streets o Glesca, an a razor slash doon yer cheek;


(Chorus) And it all makes work that the Bagman has to do,

Do do do do dabitty-do be do


The blood had pooled oan the flair, an wis stainin the marble pink,

When the Bagman noticed a bullet hole in the eyelid Race used tae wink,

So he turned the stiff's heid tae the richt an saw it wis empty, nae brain,

And then he looked doon at the flair, but there wis nae sign o a drain;


(Chorus) And it all makes work that the Bagman has to do,

Do do do do dagnabbity-do de do


An then he saw drops o blood, gaun up a gilded spiral stair,

Followed them tae a vast bedroom, pink an satin an where,

Chianti Race lay sprawled, on a four-poster Emperor bed,

Beside the brains o her hubby, an like him, Chianti wis dead!


(Chorus) And it all makes work that the Bagman has to do,

Do do do do bubblee-boo de boo


They cried it a Murder/Suicide wi Chianti takkin the fall,

Though the Bagman knew she hudnae the smarts o a bimbo Barbie doll,

But he let it ride, didna rock the boat, didna let oan whit he kent,

That Puddin' Race, the Scots Top Cop, wis one hunner per cent bent;


(Chorus) And it all makes trouble that the Bagman has to hide,

Do do do do piddlee-poo denied


For he gave the hoose the aince ower, an fund unnerneath the flair,

A big wad o cash, stocks an notes in the name o Big Toni St Clair,

The Boss o the Gorbals Geysers, wha owns the two top teams in toon,

So the Bagman gied in his notice, retired an went aff tae bide in Troon!


(Chorus) And it all made work that the Bagman does nae mair,

Do do do do gone without a care!

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Friday, May 08, 2020 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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