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Later that day, Maude and Oyzellboth dressed in navy-blue fatigues and knitted white woollen roll-neck jumpers over generic vests, underpants and sockswere accompanied to The Wheelhouse by the Camp Medical Officer, Doctor Benjamin Dalhousie, an Edinburgh graduate who clearly doubted if any good doctors could possibly come from anywhere else and seemed to apply this generalisation to the Royal Navy as well: "I am told," his strangulated Corstorphine vowels causing Oyzell actual physical pain and she wondered how Daphne could bear his conversation so stoically, "that persons who are not only not from Edinburgh, but also not even from Scotland, have apparently served with some degree of distinction, but they are, I would strongly advise, assessments often made by other persons whose origins are from England, Wales or even Ireland, and hardly capable of standing up to scrutiny," and Oyzell wondered how he viewed her, with her German-Jewish origins, although assumed that his lack of anything approaching a bedside manner was less to do with her gender and more with her name, Oyzell Zegan not being common in Edinburgh or even Glasgow, she supposed, but it really didn't bother her, the less of his speech she had to endure the better, and the orderly, Jock Tamson, had been extremely kind and caring to a woman old enough to be his grannie, and anyway, once he had established Maude's antecedents to his own satisfaction, Dr Dalhousie had been solicitous to the maximum degreeenquiring about the Marchmont Lyttleton's, the Grange Dumbiedykes, the Morningside Somervilles, Duddingston Davidovas, Hermiston Lillicos, and the various Goldfishes, Brevitys, Mountcastles, Montelimarts, Ladywoods, Baillies, Connaughts and Pumpherstons who lurked around the edges of her family bush and by the time they reached the Mess, he was positively preening himself, but that was when Commander Abernathy interposed himself and the Doctor was let gulping like some kind of mouthbrooder trying to contain it's young: "never fash yourself over him, Miss Lyttleton," said Abernathy, convivially "he's the very worst kind of Edinburgh snob, thinks he is caviare among mere cod roe, and to be honest he's no great shakes as a sawbones either - his orderly, Tamson, does most of the medical work now, and if we all get back to Blighty, I'm determined to do what I can to get that lad a place at Medical School - all he does in his off-duty time is read medical books and practice dissection on dead penguins," so, of course Maude asked: "was he called up before he could go to University?" and Abernathy chuckled: "he was never going to Uni, Miss Lyttleton, he comes from a place in West Lothian called Polkemmet, and was to have followed his father and uncles and grandfathers before them down the local Pit, but he volunteered, was desperate to join the Navyno idea why, he'd never been to sea, never even the seasidebut his eyesight let him down, so he asked if he could be a Medical Orderly, he'd got various First Aid certificates from the BB, you know, practical things and a fair bit of theory too, and if someone looks promising, the Navy'd rather keep a hold of him than see him found a place in the Army or Air Force, and after a year at sea, he was chosen to join us, here, and shows great promise; but here, have a glass of Simkin," handing a glass full of sparkling bubbles and Maude asked: "what's Simkin?" and the Commander laughed: "it might come out of a Champagne bottle, it might be white and bubbly, but if I told you it was Champagne you might be inclined to call me a liar - actually one of our Petty Officers has knowledge of the wine trade, his family have relatives who have an estate in France and he spent a lot of summers over there; the grapes are South American and Louis, that's the chap's name, Louis La Planque, turns them into this, don't worry, it's very palatable, and it's strong, just a shame it isn't Champagne," and as they clinked their glasses, Maude said: "bon chance, Commander," and he returned: "slainthe."

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Friday, May 22, 2020 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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