Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Which was when they heard the sirens and roar of vehicles coming up from the direction of the Police Station, opposite the Greenyards; May clapped a hand to her mouth and ran out to see what was happening, then called Arabella and Oyzell to join her at the side of the house, from where they could see a squad of beefy prop-forwards in paramilitary uniforms charge into the Church Hall, yelling at the top of their voices: "Police! Police! GET DOWN! GET DOWN!" which echoed around inside the building where Maude and Oyzell were regular Domino players, until the shouts of "Clear! Clear!" spilled out of the open doors, followed by: "Four Suspects, Male, one Impersonator!" and a shrill voice screamed: "you yarra-banker! who are you? what's your name? what's your game?" followed by different voices, competing to be heard, someone making a speech but trailing off, and thumps like a sack of potatoes being kicked, hard! then a croaking: "you can see I am Reichsmarschall Herrman Goering, you scrawny dummkopf!" followed by another kick and a hoarse groan, and: "take them to the Station, and inform HQ that we have rounded up a nest of them!" and four menwho Maude and Oyzell could recognise as MacFarlane, Doubleday, Elginbrod and Goering AKA MacDonaldwere dragged out, none too gently, by the burly officers, still punching them and shouting obscenities: "fuckin arseholes," and "we oughta deep-six ye in the polynya," which produced a roar from Goering: "we're fifty miles from the sea, schweinhund!" earning him a truncheon to his face and, from the man who had struck him, hissing: "never been tae Cauldshiels, eh? it's bottomless, an last time ah wis fishin there, ma hook got untied aff the line, whittevva's doon there could tak ye tae bit's wi it's fingas!" and the four uniforms laughed, as they pitched the men into the back of a low-loader and two, now carrying automatic weapons, climbed in behind them; several senior officers had already left in a van with another group of heavies, but one of the policemen who had loaded the prisoners saw Amy and the two elderly women standing watching from the gate and sauntered over: "hi May," he said, doffing his cap to the others, "hello, Angus," she replied, a little frostily, but he seemed not to notice, and she continued, "what was all that about?" at which he glanced up and down the Avenue, as if to check no senior officer was watching, or listening, then explained: "we got a tip-off, sumdy alang here telt us some fat geezer lookin awfy like Reichsmarschall Goering wis bein held prisoner in the Ha' by three richt dodgy scumbags, an we kent it wisnae the Big Cheese hissel, cos the Super saw him aff on the train tae Embra jist a noor ago, so when we rolls up, there the fower o them wis, plyin cairds an drinkin guid malt, in the Church Ha', no richt, thon!" and although the truck had now been turned and was revving to show the driver was getting impatient, Angus waved an easy signal, then said: "ses he's some kind of histrion, the fatso, ye ken, a Ac-tor," he winked, "tried recitin a gest, but couldna mind the words, so the Super poked him in the gut wi his swagger-stick and telt us tae shut them aw up, whit a racket! then he claims he really is Goering, wud ye bleevit? probly some kind o plot," he turned to the elderly ladies: "pologies fer disturbin yeez, Misses, snevva usually ony trouble here, no in High Cross, Miss Somerville'll tell ye that, best be aff afore oor boss's askin ony questions, see yeez, see ye May," he turned and jogged back to the truck, climbed into the cab and waved as it drove back down towards the Police Station, and as May turned toward them, her face crimson, Maudeor Arabellaasked her: "who was that?" and May replied, "Angus Boland, my pal Bessie's big brother, he's a complete Nazi like his father, full of swagger and pose," and she broke off, as if unsure whether it was safe for her to talk like that to the two visitors.

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Monday, June 08, 2020 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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