Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


When he stopped laughing, the man stood, bent over, hands on his knees, coughing and taking deep breaths, as if trying to regain some semblance of self-control, until at last, he looked up and peered closely at Pixie and Dixie: "damn me! ye'r Cartoons, what in tarnation am I daen here, talking tae Cartoon Meece? whauraboots is this place onywey? whit's the name o yer toon?" and when they looked blankly at him, he amended it, "town then, whit's it cried?" and Dixie cottoned on: "oh it's Hana-Barbera," so the man asked: "is it near Santa Barbara?" but the mice looked confused, and he figured they were pretty dumb, as well as being Cartoons, so asked: "is there anybody might be able to tell me how to get out of here?" and Pixie suggested: "Huckleberry, he's the Town Sage, he knows everything about, well, lots of things, Huckleberry Hound, he's your dog," but the man was thinking and said nothing for a few moments, then asked: "do you have an Ugly Duckling? a Wicked Witch? or how about a Giant?" at which Pixie and Dixie laughed, and Dixie said: "there's no such things, you're just pulling our legs, ain'tcha?" and the man looked slightly shame-faced but then asked where he could find Huckleberry and the two friends said they would take him, it would be easier than trying to find his own way around the town, which is how come they were walking around the block, clockwise, until they came to the Luncheonette which stood just to the right of their own house on Mulberry Road and when the stranger realised this, he asked, in all seriousness, "why did we walk right round the block and not just the few yards to the Luncheonette next door?" Pixie looked thoughtful and then said, "cause that's the way, that's always the way, it's the only requisite way there is, we always walk that way, even to the Library or the Railroad Station," at which the man asked about the Station, "could I get a train to somewhere?" but the mice weren't too sure, and Dixie reminded the man that they had come so he could ask Huckleberry for help, so, with a few mutter obscenities, the man pushed open the door and the three of them walked in, and Pixie pointed to an elegant figure seated alone in a nearby booth, drinking a strawberry milk-shake, and said: "that's Felix Mendelsohn, the composer, and behind him, that's Lotte Lenya, the singer, and over there, that's Norman Rockwell, the painter, and see, in the corner, Mark Twain, I think he's got something to do with the Riverboat," but the stranger walked past all of them and sat down in a booth at the far end, face to face with a lugubrious-looking canine, wearing a straw boater and a bow-tie and sipping a frozen daiquiri, and asked, outright: "are you Maister Huckleberry Hoond, the Toon Sage?" and the hound looked him in the eye and said: "suppose you bin talkin with them meeces? they tend to over-rate my undoubted talents, but they're good kids, can I get you an order? put in a request for a sentimental tune on the radiole?—they play a lot of those ear-worms, once you hear one, get it into your head, it just goes round 'n' round all day longare you a tourist, just travellin around, or someone on a staycation, exploring those parts of the County you usually miss out on? what did you say your name was?" and the stranger said: "well, Pal, Ah spose ye micht say Ah'm the victim o Extraordinary Rendition, brocht here aginst ma will an wi'oot ma knowledge, an Ah just want tae get the fuck oot!"

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Wednesday, July 22, 2020 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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