Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


"Very succinctly put, neighbour," said Huckleberry, "but I suppose it rather begs the question of how you came to be here in the first place, if your identity is so precious to you, can you bear to part with the facts regarding your arrival in our beloved Burg?" and the man sat back on his bench, possibly thinking, possibly losing interest in living, then nodded, just once, but it was enough, so "do tell, pray," said the Town Sage, and the man spoke: "ma name's Doubleday an Ah'm fae a wee place in the Highlands o Scotland, cried Brigadoon, Ah divnae suppose ye'll hae heard tell on't?" but the Hound was apparently smiling with some sense of fond reminiscence, for he replied: "oh, but I do have, dear fellow, indeedy I do, why, it's a most enchanting hamlet, set in a distant glen, surrounded by inspiring mountains and bens, and peopled by good decent folk who farm the land, fish the burns, distil the finest nectar a body could taste and wear the most varied and distinctive colours and shades of tartan ever seen this side of the Rockies, so whyor indeed, howcame you hence?" and Doubleday, perhaps surprised that the Sage should have such clear memories of his distant home, told of the awful, stormy, fateful night, when he and the laird set out to climb Ben Dover in a fearfully wild and windy gale, "aye, mon, a tornado it wis, an jist as we reached the peak, a great twister plucked me aff the livin rock an whurled an whurled me aroon an aboot until Ah fair lost aw sense o whit wis up and whit wis doon an whit wis past an whit wis future an all o a sudden whamped me doon sae hard Ah thocht every bane in ma boady must be shattered, an when Ah opened ma een, Ah fund masel starin towards the openin tae some kind o shelter an Ah tried tae crawl in bit Ah got stuck, fer ma shooders couldna squeeze through, an Ah wis minded aboot auld Lemuel Gulliver meetin the Little People an thocht Ah must've bin deposited in Lilliput, an then Ah woke tae find twa cartoon meeces pullin me oot o a dug's kennel an tellin me am in some place they said wis cried Hannah Barbara, Ah mean, hoo kin a toon be named efter twa Wummin?" and Huckleberry stroked his chin thoughtfully, "that's quite a conundrum," he said, "and I rather imagine you must have bowdlerized your account on account of the children," he glanced towards Pixie and Dixie who were avidly listening to the conversation, "and I daresay your Laird is Prince Charming and you, Mr Doubleday are his Dandini, and this epic struggle agin the mountain at such a time of bombogenesis, with truly elemental storms and floods, no doubt involved a fair maiden, but fear not, I am not trying to interrogate you, nor doubt the veracity of your tale, just musing, as I do, to amuse myself, but you are certainly no quakebuttock to attempt such a desperate climb, and I think you should meet my dear friend and associate, Yogi Bear," at which Doubleday asked, "he's a Swami? you got Gurus in this toon Maister Huckleberry?" at which the other said, "just call me Huck, friend, it's less of a mouthful, but yes, we do have rather more than our fair share of enlightened ones and twos, even threes, and in Yogi's case," he paused a couple of beats, "we got Boo Boo!"

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Friday, July 24, 2020 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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