Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

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Which was when a kind of trap-door, covered in a square yard of turf, opened upwards and the head, then the shoulders, arms, body and legs of an elderly, nut-brown Troll climbed out, turned and extended a hand to pull up his companion, a handsome, dark-skinned, much younger man, or boy, even, tall, sturdily built and with a warm smile on his face as he approached Dusty Lester: "Mizz Dusty," he said confidently, "Mr Godfrey has earned a large slice of rhubarb pie and I vouch for his inalienable right to have both custard and cream with it," and then he noticed the strangers and doffed his workman's cap, "apologies if we intrude upon private business, but it is lunchtime for those who toil on or under ground and we have earned our midday repast," at which Lucky asked Henry if he wouldn't mind pulling out another couple of folding chairs and once they were placed at the table, Godfrey and the young man joined the party; Godfrey introduced his employee as Simon Legree, and Simon added that he was a Principle Chartered Mining Engineer, having trained at the Underground University of Pennsylvania, and Henry whispered in an aside to Dixie and Pixie: "looks like we found Prince Charming, seems like your Sleeping Beauty has selective hearing, put the bits she liked together and BINGO!" and Godfrey announced that in addition to Plastic Mining, they were considering extending into sericulture: "we gotta lot of tunnels down there, standin' empty and I read that an underground location is great for breedin' silkworms, whaddaya think Lucky, we are equal partners after all, it ain't just up to me, you like it?" and Lucky said, "it's a great idea, Godfrey, I'm with you all the way on that, and there ain't nuthin' Simon don't know about what goes on under the Earth's crust," and Simon, laughing, assured the company that he certainly didn't know everything, but he'd read the story that Godfrey had found in a Mining Journal and it looked like sericulture was just one of the things old worked-out tunnels could be used for, and if it all proved successful, would provide a good income even after the Plastic Seams were done, adding: "mining is a business that eventually comes to an end, when there's nothing left to bring up, but the silk-worm business is sustainable and self-perpetuating, these little guys produce mile after mile of silk, so long as you treat then well and provide all their creature comforts, and they produce the next generation," and Godfrey added, "it may seem as if we're yawin' away from the original set-up here, Lucky, and Lord knows, Trolls have been in the minin' business for thousands o years, but diversification's the name of the game nowadays, heck, we started diggin' fer Iron, an' Bronze, an' Copper an' such, then got into Gold and Silver, when we came across coal, it weren't no use to us, so we threw it on the fire in disgust, then realized it did have a use, Plastic's a recent development, you gotta move with the times," and Lucky said: "don't look at me like I'm a stick-in-the-mud, Godfrey, I've allus moved with the times, that's why I'm happy Managin' the Bridge, though I'd never managed anything before, young Simon here an' my kids and Mayzie over there are the next generation an' we gotta leave 'em a Planet they can call Home; you came here cause you hated and suffered under the Jim Crow Laws down in the South, Simon refused to be an Uncle Tom to some redneck thinks he's better just cause o the colour of his skin, that's hokum, nobody's got the right to tell another person, regardless o their species, be they human, feline, canine, meeces, equine, insect or avianor silk-worms come to thatwhat they can an can't do, so I propose that if we're gonna go down the Silk Road, we run a Unionised Plant, give every worm a fair contract, a decent wage with health insurance, sick pay an' reg'lar hours, child support and even pensions when they reach our ages in worm-years, whaddaya say, Partner?" and he gave Godfrey a strange look, part invitation, part challenge, part casual, part deadly earnest, and the others - for whom this was a unique moment in the History of Hanna Barbera - held their collective breaths, until Godfrey leaned across the table, spat in the palm of his hand and shook Lucky's for all he was worth: "well said, old timer, we owe it to the Future!" at which Mayzie piped up: "you used to put me on your shoulders, Uncle Godfrey, and gallop around the meadow, do it again! do it again!" and the Cat in the Hat stood up and said, in all seriousness: "Mayzie McGrew, your blatant attempt to chicken-peck Mr Godfrey, at a moment like this should make you feel ashamed, when the older generation are trying to do stuff that will benefit their workers and their descendants an all you can think about is your own pleasuresif you aren't ashamed, well, I am!"

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Wednesday, August 12, 2020 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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