Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


"Well, 'course I've known Lolly for yearsoh, yeah, her real name is Mabel, Mabel Fishwick, but she picked up the nickname Lolly when she was about 14, 'cause the old guys said she gave the best head in the Tri-State Area, could take a dick real deep, an' suck it like a lollipop, an' they said it was her forte, an' that was also what most of them gave her as payment when she started out, so, I guess it could also just mean she was a cheap-suck, but not havin' a dick, I couldn't say anythin' 'bout her skill, or talent in that areaanyway, Lolly, or Mabel, whatever you prefer, wasn't the brightest dime in your pocket, but she wasn't dumb either, ask that cute Officer Dibble, she's got no Police Record, an' that must be a record in itself, considerin' how long she's been workin', an' I mean for cash-money, she don't accept lollipops no moreoh, I know, she's also a reg'lar Waitress at the Luncheonette, has been for years, but that's just a way o' passin' the days an' takin' her mind offen the nights, she could do it in her sleepshe's 45, like me, an' don't act all surprised an' say I don' look a day over 30, I know what I see in the mirror, honey, an' Georgie's the only one who sees me without make-upyou know, the Town Council promote Hanna Barbera as a Real Fam'ly Town, an' it's got a rep as one o' those peaceful Hometown kinda places you see in the movies, an' yeah, tourists come an' want their pictures took with Yogi Bear or Huck HoundI just love that guy, but you know he's gay, huh?—an' artists aimin' to be the next Norman Rockwell come an' do their limnin' an' colourin', chocolate-box paintin's o' the box-rows in primary colours an' pastels an' there was that Scotch-Italian guy, whatsisname? yeah, Jack Vettriano, he swung by when he was on a California tour, took photos of the Truck Stop, with a group of us posin' real slutty, even did a paintin' o' Georgie lookin like a real vamp, sent her a photo of it, it's about here somewhere, I'll find it 'fore you go, don't think he guessed Georgie use'ta be a boy, though, but ev'ry place has a Dark side an' at night some o' those real nice Fam'ly men, respectable husbands an' fathers, businessmen, Civic Leaders, an' Church Elders, an' I'll whisper it, even a Priest, leave their little wives an' kids to spend a coupla hours 'down at the bar with the boys'—'course the Priest ain't got a wife an' kids, but I bet his Congregation, not to mention his Bishop, might be a tad unsettled if they new what Father O' oops, nearly outed him, tut-tut—but instead they head Downtown, or to the Truck Stop or the Trailer Park an that's where they find Lolly, or Georgie, or me or a coupla dozen moreboys an' gals bothor what's now euphemisticallyyepp, vocabulary courtesy o' Georgiecalled Sex Workers, which makes us sound like some kinda researchers like that Kinsey or Masters an' Johnson; but oh yeah, Lolly, well, Georgie, when he was Georgebefore he became a shehad a couple reg'lar Johns, closeted gay guys with wives an' kids who'd never have been seen dead with someone like George, but that didn't stop them drivin' by an' if he was free he'd jump in the car an they'd go somewhere quiet, just outa the Town Limits, where he knew there'd be no problem with the cops comin' along, an' do whatever men do with boys, well now, after he became Georgie, most o' them dropped her like a hot brick, 'cause they needed George to have a dickeven when he was in a skirt an' heels it was his dick they wanted more than anythin' - and when she didn't, they found some other rent-boy to play with, but Georgie discovered a whole new world of very particular Johns who love gals who use'ta be guysdon't ask me to explain it, I can't, it's Beyond My Ken, as Georgie says, so nowadays, Georgie's the same as me between the legs, but I can't help thinkin' maybe it's somethin' like that phantom leg thing amputees experience, only in this case, it's not Georgie who feels it, it's the Johns, as if, when they're doin' Georgie, they can feel that their dick is inside what once was George's dickcause that's how her vagina was made, weren't it? the surgeon turned the old dick inside outit's screwy, I know, I mean I can't get my head around it, the idea that they're screwin' him through his dick is what turns them on is just too weird, but Georgie says: 'everything about me, around me, outside me and inside me, is observanda, and I enable those guys to experience something they can't find anywhere elsenot here in Hanna Barbera anyway an' if that's what turns 'em on, that's okay'—an' by the way, observanda means things to be seen an' recorded, an' a group o' Georgie's most devoted Johnsjust three or four, she calls them her Trainspotters, which I don't really dig, but hey, go figurewell those guys make it their responsibility to document her life, they watch Georgie and her clients, write down names, ages, car numbers, locations, dates, an' they photograph everything, video what the Johns do with Georgieit's not for blackmail or nuthin' like that, it's just an obsession, sumthin' psychologicalit's like they adore her and owe her their dedication, an' 'course she repays them the only way she can, with her body, which costs her nuthin' and yet makes them the happiest bunch o' droolers in the whole o' Hanna Barbera, oh she ain't nobody's fool, ain't Georgie, so, what happened was, the night after the Picket at the Luncheonette an' Fairpants gettin his ass hauled off to gaol, they was watchin Georgie, but not at the Truck Stop, she was out by the Trailer Park with Lolly, I think she was givin' Lolly some moral support after her ordeal inside the Luncheonette, and anyway, when Georgie left Lolly's trailer, she got picked up on the street by a kerb-crawler an' a coupla the Trainspotters tailed them to a parkin' lot and filmed them with one o' those night-vision cameras, but a third one had stayed behind to see if anyone visited Lolly, and just after 1 am, a car stopped at her trailer an' a guy knocked on her door an' the guy went in an' five minutes later, him an' Lolly come out, get into his car an' drive away, an' the watcher followed but lost them, 'cordin' to what he told Georgie an' she told me, when we got back here after the vaccination/inoculation session an' Lolly ain't been seen since, 'cordin' to Georgie, so she's set her Trainspotters to tryin' to identify the Mystery Man who drove off with her!"

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Sunday, August 23, 2020 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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