Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Now it wasn't only Carmen Miranda and Georgie Pomeroy who were concerned about the disappearance of Mabel Fishwick also known as Lollobello Montecello or Lolly, a long-time waitress at the Luncheonette and well-known in the Tri-State Area as a longer-time prostitute, although that was never stated on any of the many leaflets and posters distributed throughout Hanna Barbera and particularly in the North Side, the district where the Luncheonette was located, also the Truck Stop she was believed to frequent when she wasn't working and the Trailer Park where Ms Fishwick lived with her three cats and a parakeet, and the reasons it was never stated were 1) so as not to identify her negatively in the eyes of perhaps more respectable citizens of the Town, because 2) to do so would be regarded as discriminatory, and because 3) she had never been arrested, charged, indicted or convicted by any Court in the Tri-State as a 'lewd, loose and immoral person actively engaged in soliciting others for paid sexual favours' which was how the Law there defined Prostitution, and indeed Officer Dibble, speaking at a Press Conference in HBPD HQ, went so far as to describe Mabel/Lollobello/Lolly as an upstanding citizen, who went out of her way to bring joy to others and a regular attendee at Confession and Mass in St Sacramento's Church on Whybelow and Hereafter Avenues, all of which was literally true, because many of her nocturnal activities were performed with her back against a wall, telegraph pole or tree-trunk, brought joy to the other persons involved and she did indeed have a weekly slot in the Confessional at the Church where she went down on her knees and performed certain services on Father Ignatius O'Grady after which he Blessed her and sent her off with his gratitude and Three Hail Mary's ringing in her ears, because the Private Detectives she had employed to investigate the abduction of a man known only to her as Prince Charming, were also concerned, because a) they liked the woman they knew now to be Sleeping Beauty, b) they liked Prince Charming, whom they also knew as Simon Legree, a young Mining Engineer, who had returned to his work at Lucky Godfrey's Plastic Mine and c) they hadn't been paid a dime for their work in reuniting the Prince and the Beauty, although in the cold light of day the reunion hadn't been quite as successful as they had hopedSimon had taken one look at Lolly, seen that she was about twice his age, made his excuses and leftthere was still the slim possibility that the waitress might, if the new Workers' Co-Operative Luncheonette proved as successful as Doc Jeeves, who had first suggested the venture to the Staff Committee after they had seen the dirty, rotten, slave-driving, former child-star in a string of long-forgotten movie shorts, Douglas Fairpants, frogmarched off by the police on a string of charges under twenty-one statutes which could see him incarcerated in the State Pen for the next three-hundred years, before he could even apply for parole, expected, be able to afford the Dynamic Detective Duo's modest fee, but when, in a fit of depression, they had both bemoaned their financial straits to Georgie Pomeroy in Garden Square one evening, she had suggested having a fund-raiser: "a Hot Summer Estival, a great big Mardi Gras, complete with a Grand Soirée MusicaleI've got contactsshould be able to drum up a healthy programme of performers, I might even bring along my bandura and Carmen's pal Olga's Ukrainian, she has a National Dress outfit and knows the old folk dances," but Dixie piped up: "you mean Olga Mariachi? ain't she Hispanic?" and Georgie laughed: "we all hide behind masks and name changes at times, nah, she used to be a champion rower before getting into trouble with the Soviets, got sent to work as a Volga Boatman, came west, changed her sex, name, nationality, religion even, anyone searching for Igor Kravchenko would find no trails leading here, she was still bulky after her operation, became a pro-wrestler for a coupla years as Olga from the Volga, but when she met Carmen they hit it off and Olga realised there could be an easier way to turn a trick than being thrown around a wrestling-ring, she shed a lot of weight, if you ever get the chance ask her to show you her photo albumsyou'd never guess from the photos of Igor and Olga that they're the same person, or even relatedcrikey, in photos of me as George and Georgie there's not that much of a difference, I was always slim waisted and long legged, even as a boy, and my mother used to say that when she saw my face when I was born she really thought I was a beautiful little girlwell she's got that now, though I don't think she'd be impressed by my career changeand dressed me in frocks till I went to school, I daresay that had some influence on my life," and Pixie asked: "what did you do before?" and Georgie hesitated, then explained: "when I first came here, it was a sabbatical, I'd just taken my Finals at Oxford and was to have a break, before starting to study for Holy Ordersmy father is a Bishop, next stop Lambeth Palace, and it was always assumed I'd follow in his footsteps, like those of St Paulanyway, I had three months, so decided to go round the world, Westward, and everything was smooth, a day or two here or there, New York, Chicago, Washington, just sight-seeing, being a tourist, and then I missed a connection, hitched a ride from a middle-aged man who turned out to be a writer whose books I'd read and admired at University, pure fluke, but I was a smitten kitten, he took my virginity in Virginia and then rode me right across the continent, Coast to Coast, and dropped me here while he went to visit his sister, and never came back but by then I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and be, I found the Truck Stop, got to know Carmen and Olga and Lolly, of course, and the othersI was the only boy at the time so I was in pretty constant demand and the girls, well, women mostly, from 16 to 65, cater for every tastehave always been independent operators, there's no pimps here, just the workers, so we were all close, you could say we were cliticized, all for one and one for all, there's no Union for Hookers and Whores, so we formed one, there's no Welfare, Sick Pay, Pension Scheme, so Kaesha, who had been a CPA set one upwe all contribute the same amount every week and if someone's kids are sick we pay the medical billswe look after each other, and that's why I'm proposing this Fundraiser, you guys took on Lolly's case and she's disappeared, and can't pay your bill, but you shouldn't be out of pocket, so as Chairperson of our Ways and Means Committee, on behalf of the Truck Stop Gals and Boys, we want to pick up the tab," and when she paused, Pixie and Dixie looked at each other and then threw themselves at her and gave her the biggest hugs they could manage, tears streaming down their faces.

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Monday, August 24, 2020 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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