Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


"Da, da, Olga Mariachisame as the bandsan' da, I was known as Olga from the Volga when I was pro-wrestling, but that's behind me now, hah! retirement at 27! an' no Pension or Health Benefits, all I had in my purse was forty dollars an' some guy's business card, with a note to call him if I was ever lookin' for a change of careerwell! it wasn't me who was lookin' for a change, it was my bodythere's only so many sprains, strains, bruises an' breaks a gal can take an' I'd had 'em up to here, so I called him, jumped a Greyhound an' here I am, he changed my name to Mariachilegally, no funny businessan' laid out his cards: he's the Ownernot the Manager, the actual Ownerof Four Bridges Services, the place that occupies the site where the East-West an' North-South Interstates cross, and the best way for me to put it, if you ain't been there yet, is give you the ordonnancethe layout, or map, as it wereso, on one corner is the commercial Truck Stop, with it's Gas Station, an' on another is a General Service Station, gas pumps for domestic vehicles, short-term parking, Food Court, the usual stores, then there's the Motel Corner with overnight parkin' an' lastly a Recreation Area with a small lake, visitor car-park, playground for kids an' picnic site, course, it's used by other folks after dark, an' the four corners are linked by the four bridges so you can walk from one to another an' vehicles on both Interstates can access any of the corners, it's well-planned an' well-run, an' his proposition to me was to Supervise the Recreationnot the kids' stuff, the Adultbut don' get me wrong, he's no pimp, nothin' like that, he gets no kick-back from the girls an' boys workin' the trucks, the Motel or the car-parks, he told me he knew what life was like an' that you see a Service Area like that, there's gonna be hookers, whores, rent-boys, doggers, what-have-you, an' that's okay with him, cause it brings custom, but it can attract trouble too, which is why he wanted someone capable to supervise, keep dealers away, don't allow pimps on-site, make sure there's no cause for the cops to sniff around, cause that scares punters away, an' tourists and families too, an' he believed that between my physical presenceposture, stature, confidenceand my, what he called delicatesse, by which I think he meant my ability to spot trouble comin' long before it actually arrives, and then deal with it discreetly, he thought I would be a natural for workin' with people, so I thought it over for like two seconds an' said, 'da, I'll give it a go, pay me for a month an' at the end I'll stay or pass,' an' he agreed, bought me lunch, gave me the keys to a small suite in the Motel rent-free an' a Staff badge to flash if I ever needed to, drove me over, showed me around, introduced me to the staff, carried my bags to my room, never even tried to get inside my pantieswhich, actually, disappointed me, I thought he maybe found me unattractive, some guys don't like big women, feel threatened, or we don't fit with their image of what's sexynot that night, he didn't, but I don't wanna run ahead, so after he left, I wandered over to the Truck Stop to see what the action was, some of the afternoon gals were still there an' they introduced me to the regular night-shift, yeah, it's a job for those gals, some of them been doin' it for years, an' they work different shifts in different parts of the site, can depend on whether they're married or not, got kids or not, got other jobs even, one gal works five shifts as a nurse in the hospital an' two at the Trucks, she's savin' up to get married next year, her fiancee's a physiotherapist, you have no idea what a cross-section of Hanna Barbera society you find at the Truck Stop, among the workers, an' among the customers, the johns as the gals an' boys call 'em, so gettin' a first-time sight of what goes on around a Truck Stop/Service Station was an eye-opener for me, not that I hadn't seen hookers close up, boys an' girls bothbut that was mostly in hotels, bars, some of the halls where wrestlin' bouts are staged, but this was outside, in full view of truckers, hell, anybody who wanted to watch it, an' there usually is an audienceof course, a john who wanted privacy could just take the gal into his cab an' draw the curtains, or if it was someone in an auto, just open the door, let whoever he chose in, an' drive to one of the auto parks, to the motel, if he had a room, or away from Four Bridges altogether, an' if he was a reg'lar, bring her back afterwards, though sometimes drivers passin' through left 'em stranded by the Highway, so I soon gave 'em all cards with my number an' if that happened, they called me an' me, or I'd get someone else, would drive out an' bring 'em back, or a few times, take 'em to the hospital if they'd got picked up by a bastard, an when that happened I'd go through the CCTV tapes an' try to identify the car or the person, usually managed an' if I saw them again they soon realised that I had certain skills and know-how and though I've lost a lotta, lotta weight since I started at the Bridges, I've still got plenty strength in my arms and my legs and I made sure that the gal he'd hurt got the chance to requite herself, an' if she couldn't, or wouldn't, I did it for her! anyway, I really liked the workers, the hookers and whores there an' I decided that very night that I'd really make a go of the job, or bust, but I didn't realise that I'd soon start to dabble in the gals' side of the business, initially, out of curiosity, but I found that I enjoyed it, the attention, the power, it made up for what I already missed about the grapplin', the wrestlin', bein' up there in the Ring, struttin' about an' throwin' my weight aroun', oh yes, it surprised me, even, I think, shocked me, but I really enjoy the work, but of course, I ain't dependent on it, I have my salary as Supervisor, so it's different for me, I guess, so essentially, I wasamjust an amateur, but an enthusiastic one, even though—an' it may confuse you, it certainly did me—even though I don't actually find myself attracted to men, I identify myself as a Lesbian an' yeah, I can see it in your face, read it in your eyes, you're askin' yourself the question, 'why did she ever get a sex-change if she's attracted to women?' an' I'm right, ain't I?"

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Tuesday, August 25, 2020 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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