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"Well, in a sense, it didn't happen overnight, and yet, in a kinda way, it didlet me explainI've always been attracted to women, no question about that, and I'd met some, over the years. . . . .but I don't wanna go into all that, and anyway, it was more about my perception of myself, 'cause I can't say I was ever truly comfortable as a man, oh, I got by, but somewhere, deep inside merepressed, I guess, is what the trick cyclists would call itwas a wonderin' of what my life would be like if I'd been born a woman, an', much later, I came to realise that that was the problem, I should have been born a woman and I tried to avoid the issuewhat can I do about it?—by throwing myself into work, very manly work, actin' macho though it was goin' directly against what I wanted to be, oh, I did all sorts of things, I had no clear career plan, no particular skills, training or interests and, well, after I got over here, the USA, I found myself in the doldrums, goin' nowhere fast, an' somehow I became a wrestler, I had the body, I'd always worked out and 'cause most of the employment I'd had was physical, man-ual labour, I s'pose, I found I was pretty good at it, I could handle myself, but maybe I was also punishin' myself too, puttin' myself in a position where I could get seriously beat-upokay, most of the bouts are staged, the promoter usually tells us who's gonna win, in which round, you know the rapand I built up a small following, a few gay men and a larger group of womenall ages, but mostly older than mebut one night, in a small town east of the Pecos, I was billed against Fat Freddy, now, I don't know if you've ever seen him, well I was fairly big, but he was huge, an' mean as you can get, especially 'cause he wasn't usually allowed to win, an' on this particular night, he had some dame in the mob he was real hot for, so he asked me to throw it in the fifth, but I was down for the win, so declined his offer of a hundred bucks and he was real mad, probably at the thought of losin' to me in front of the woman he wanted to lay, so, we went at it hammer an' tongs, an' then, in the sixth round, he kneed me in the groin, it was the worst thing that'd ever happened to me, sent like a megaton of electric shock into my head, apparently I let out a strange high-pitched meep an' passed out an' only woke up in the hospital where the doctor told me my nuts had gone, mashed to a pulp an' my dick was broken, in two places an' had ruptured, split from base to tip, like a sausage, an' in the theatre they had only two real choices: whether to take the whole works out, or leave me with a floppy dick to pee through, though even that would likely be difficult, an' definitely no erection, unless they inserted a rod, but then it would be at permanent attention, which, well, would be inappropriate an' embarrassin', so the surgeon consulted with a couple of specialists in urogenital surgery an' gynaecology an' the best solution they could come up with was give me a kinda vaginal tube, I'd have to pee sitting down but, hey, I'd probably have to do that anyway, whatever they did an' that's what they did, an' what decided me, I asked for a referral to a Gender Reassignment Clinic, went on female hormones, had another op to widen the tube they'd fashioned and make the lips more, fuller, I've got a clitoris fashioned out of the very bottom of the old dick, but it's highly sensitive, I got my breasts augmented to the proportions of my torso, an' it was all paid for out of the Promoter's Liability Insurance, an' Fat Freddy was pursued by the Insurers an' his Personal Liabilitywhich we all had to havecoughed up too, and six months after Fat Freddy did for my manhood, I was back in the ring as Olga from the Volga and did quite well for a year or two, until The Mountain Woman, ever seen her? seven foot tall an' ten foot round the middle, wiped me out down in the Valley, I never saw her feet comin' straight to the back of my head, cracked a couple of vertebrae in my neck, I was very lucky, could've been paralysed but wasn't, it weren't deliberate, I hold no grudge, could happen to anybody, but that was the end of Wrestlin' for me and after the Testimonial Night, with me wearin' a neck-brace and refereein' a couple of bouts, I walked away, but it had given me the chance to discover how many Lesbians there are out thereplenty enough to keep me happy, oh, Da, Da! but you didn't come here to learn about my life, an' I guess all I've told you, which, by the way, ain't near everythin', has been what my analyst calls a smokescreen, a diversion, yeah? yeah, you want to know about Lolly an' her disappearance, an' the best person to speak to would be Amelia, she ain't one of the workin' girls, but she an' Lolly got pretty tight, I told you about the Recreation Area, an' how it changes after dark, yeah? that's when the amateurs come out doggin'—which in my naivety I thought was dog-walkin' or trainin' until I went over there on about my third or fourth day on the jobyoung, old, straight, gay, quite a number of women but lots more men, either at it, or watchin', takin' photos or videos, an' not a penny changin' hands, an' because of the imbalance of numbers, I joined in, just bein' friendly an' helpin' the women out, takin' some of the pressure off them, ha ha, but, no, it's a fair question, I let it go on because it brings more footfall to the whole complex, there ain't enough women or time for all the guys to get their rocks off, so some head over to the Truck Stop an' pay one of the gals there, which is good, an' a whole lot of them go into the Services, for burgers or drinks afterwards, which is good, so all-in-allan' I got the Accountant to do a forensic analysis of the pluses an' minuses of allowin' the Doggers to keep goinit turned out that our take increases when they're there, so it makes commercial sense, they complement, rather than threaten, the workin' gals an' ev'rybody's happy, includin' my Boss, in fact he put the Recreation Area into a Trust an' made me the settlor, so I've given permission for the Night-Owls to use it an' I'm responsible for what goes on there, we charge a small parkin' fee an' put the profit into the kid's playground, so they benefit, and Amelia is a reg'lar Doggernow, that ain't her real name so don't ask herthe very fact that she's prepared to talk to you means she's takin' a big risk, but she's willin' to do it in the hope it'll help find Lolly an' before you ask, no, she ain't spoke to the cops an' won't, it's only 'cause you're from outside that she's gonna meet you, she won't talk to anyone local, I guess I don't fit into that category yet, I only been here five years!"

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Wednesday, August 26, 2020 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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