Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


"Just water, thankyou, there should be some bottles in the mini-bar, oh, I see you've already explored the place, well, anyway, that first night. . . . .I stayed longer than I meant, didn't make it to the Women's Group, didn't get home till about two hours after I usually do, and my hubbyI know that's a kind of dated term, my Mom was English and that's what she called Dad, and I just carried on the traditionanyway, he was in bed, reading, so I showered, really scrubbed myself all over, and my hair, which was pretty sticky, brushed my teeth twice and rinsed my mouth three times to get rid of the taste, but I was really nervous that he might smell something off me, off my breath, but as usual, he just kissed me on the cheek and put his light out, while I filed my nails, which had got slightly torn, and then I put out my light and tried to sleep, but how could I? so much tumbling around in my head, all the images, sensations, memories of what was put inside me! there's no way I could tell you how many men fucked meyou know, I would normally say 'made love to me,' not that any of it was normal, or what I normally experience, but they didn't, not make love to me, they fucked me! in my, you know, my vagina, my ass and my mouthJesus, right down my throat! now that'd never happened before, I can tell youbut don't get me wrong, it wasn't forced, against my will, non-consensual, it wasn't rape, because at that moment, totally out of the blue, after seeing what was already going on, I wanted to be part of it, to be right at the centre of it, to be the object of those guys' attention, desire, passion, sexual drive, and all that semen! oh Jesus, you could probably repopulate the whole of Hanna Barbera with that much sperm, and some guys, the ones who didn't get a chance, didn't get close enough to penetrate me, or even for me to hold and jerk off, they shot over my breasts, my face, my hair, but I guess that was the price of my Faustian Bargain, no pain, no gain, and yet I loved it, every moment, until some kind of internal clock started ringing in my head and I asked someone what time it was and I'd been there four hours, so I yelped 'gotta get home, gotta go, gotta go,' and someone shouted, 'you'll be back?' and I yelled as I ran for the car, half naked, scrabbling for my keys in my bag, 'you betcha!' and they cheered, and I wasnot the next night, nor the one after, in fact much as I was desperate, it wasn't till the next week, but I went an hour earlier, which was when things were just warming-up, and I found out who had lost the shoe! it was a guy, well, a cross-dresser, in his late 60s, he or she was wearing them and I told him that my dog found the one he lost and he was so grateful, said his name was Candylike Candy Darlingand told me his partner, Holly—as in Woodlawn, they were apparently Warhol collectors and aficionados—he was gay, had died about six months earlier and he didn't feel able to enter the usual Gay Scene, you know, the couple of bars that apparently cater to that crowdI didn't even know there were any Gay Bars in HB, shows you what an innocent I wasanyway, he missed his lover, they'd been together for thirty years, but considered himself too old for the bars, he said he wasn't looking for, or even hoping for, another relationship, like they had, but he'd missed sex terribly, said he was suffering 'penis withdrawal pains', and by chance, one night, he met the undertaker who'd overseen his partner's funeral and when she asked how he was coping, Candy said he wasn't, and explained why, and the Undertaker said that, most nights, over here in the Rec, he could at least find a chance of physical contact, not strings, no questions, with every section of the HB community represented, Human Folks and Animal Folks, Flat Toons and 3D, and at the Rec, it seemedat least, accordin to Candythat most guys, Straight or Gay, didn't really care who sucked them off, they weren't looking for a relationship either, so who or what mouth would do it for them was equipollent and OK by them, and I must say, it looked like that to me too, and I found that remarkably moving, it made me realise why I was there and it's why I still go there, it's a combination of animal lustthe basic need for sex, no matter who or what provides it and meets that needand it's an adrenaline rush, the excitement I feeland I think I can see and feel it in the people, whatever their form, I have sex with, or who have sex with meseems to come from doing something which may be legal, but is so far outside our cultural norms that it feels like we are breaking every taboo and every rule in the book, look, I love my hubby and my kids, my home, my friends, my job, my community, and I have no desire to meet someone else, form a new relationshiptemporary or permanentchange my way of life, run away into the wide blue yonder, when I can already get fucked whenever I want, as much as I could ever wish for, get that adrenaline high that keeps me going till the next time; usually, I come here twice a week to the Rec, and I comeyou'll understandmore than that, but there have been times when I've needed more and I've come seven or eight nights in a rowthat took a wee bit of explaining to Hubby, but he trusts me, knows I'm not the kinda woman to cheat on him, or run off with someone, abandon my family, him and the kids, I was a virgin when we married and I never cheated on him, not once, until that first night I went to the Recso, 'sure', he said, 'the Women's Group need you as much as you need them, and I have never, once, complained about looking after the kids, so go for it honey, have fun', and I did! and still do, but what about you? have you been over there? or anywhere else like it? it's not an HB phenomenon, I know that much, well, now I do, so do you have a girlfriend, wife, lover, boyfriend? oh that's okay, I said I didn't want any questions and I know I've disclosed more about myself than I ever meant to, but when you start talking about something that's as important in your life as water, it's kinda hard to hold back, water, huh? feels like the floodgates burst wide open, and none of it's been about poor Lolly, it's all been about me! oh, sure, I get that, it's useful background for you, but Lolly! well, where do I start? oh yeah, the first time I noticed her, I don't know exactly when, just a few weeks after I started going there, and she looked different, sorry? oh, in what way? well, I don't know exactly what it was, but she wasn't the same as the other women, even the ones who'd been going there for ages, it was like she had a knowledge of men that we others didn't, for example, she could make a guy cum just by holding his dick and using her fingers, ha ha! yes, like popping a cork from a bottle of sparkling wine, she'd just rub her thumb over the tip, give a little squeeze, and a jet of his spunk would shoot out over her breasts, or onto her face if she was looking closely at it, and she'd use his dick to work it into her skin, and the guy, he'd look like he just won a million bucks, even though he hadn't been inside her at allit was professional, that was itshe could size up a guy in a few seconds, examine his dick like a jeweller with his eye-glass estimating the weight of a diamond, and she'd know exactly where to put it and how long he'd take to discharge; well, she looked gorgeousnot that she was youngshe was about my age, and hadn't had an easy life, but she had a glow about her that beats even soap and water and brand cosmetics and even though she worked tricks for a living, as I found out later, she could look as innocent as a virgin or as knowing as a hardened pro, and in the eyes of whichever guy she was readying for, she could look like his kid sister, his mom, his teacher, even his daughterif he was an old guyand she knew exactly what she had to do to give him the experience he wanted, whether he was a hiker, a biker, a dog, bear or gnome, whatever, and I can tell you this, she was the most popular woman as far as the animal guys were concerned, the dogs would even fight over whose turn it wasno bloodshed, just a bit of snarling, pushing and shoving, they aren't as querimonious as the bears, really, those guys are the most picky and don't hold back on criticisms, how they ever cope with a wife, I'll never know and the monkeys! for Jesus' sake, they're never in a rush, slow to enter, they can stay inside for ages, and when you think they've fallen asleep, Wham, Bam, Thankyou Ma'am!—which never really happened over any of the rest of us, even the Porno women, and some of them were vamps with hourglass figures, but all that came later when I got to know her, what I saw that first night was someone who was different, from me, from the other women, and I think I suspected that I could learn from her, yes, that was it, I felt like a novice Buddhist Monk who'd just encountered the Zen Master who would teach him everything!"

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Friday, August 28, 2020 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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