Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


"Yes, thankyou, coffee. . . . .no, actually, do you have anything stronger, could I cadge. . . . ? errm. . . . .oh, Bourbon would be fine, thankyou, mmmm that's like what Lolly always has in her flask, yes, well, to tell you the truthI try always to be truthful, that's how I was raisedLolly and I have been lovers for two years, no, Roger. . . . .errm, my husband doesn't know anything, thank God, he would be devastated, well, if he knew about the Rec that would be worse, or, well, I don't know which would be worse, probably the Rec, oh, maybe they would be equipollent in their effect on him and, anyway, he mustn't find out, but you probably should talk to him too, he's the County Prosecutor and he's working on the Fairpants Case, the dirty rat who imprisoned Lolly in the Luncheonette, yes, but don't tell him you've spoken to me, please, you see Lolly told me that Fairpants has an accomplice, he referred to him as, what was it, The Laird, whatever that means, and I believe that it was The Laird or one of his henchmen who abducted Lolly, I've been absolutely frantic since she disappeared, where is she? and I must hold on to my belief, my Faith, that she's alive, I just know that, I dread to think what those bastardsforgive my Frenchmight have done to her, they are pure Evil! yes, at her trailer at the Park, she keeps it real neat and that's where I meet her and, no, I have no problem with what she does at the Truck Stop, that's just her job, it's how she makes her living, and we work to live, not the other way round, Lordy, but that Bourbon sure is strong, yes, thankyou, just a little, oh, that's too much really, but down the hatch, waste not want not my Mom used to say, ha ha, but if you do go to see Roger, Roger Muddler, don't mention me, please, he'd wonder how you knew me, know me, well, you don't really, do you? this is the first time we've met, not that there'll be a second time, oh, thankyou, you are very kind, and I'm a little woozy, you know, you are a very good listener and easy to talk too, talk to, to - oh, God, I've told you so much that I haven't told anyone, not even Father O'Toole at Confession - that's a laugh - all I confess is that I've broken a speed limit or parked the car illegally, or some such trivia, I just make it up, oh, and one time I told him I snuck a cigarette out of Phyllis's pack when she went to the Ladies' Room, oh Phyllis works with me, at the Office, I'm Special Counsel for the Townit's nothing fancy, sounds more than it is, a backroom job, really, mostlyPhyllis? she's my Paralegal, Oliver Wendell Holmes could write a book about her, The Xerocrat at the Breakfast Tableif he was still alive—'cause she runs that Xerox machine like a Field Marshall, we only have a part-time secret, secret? secretary, Hilda, but she can't bake a pie, no, not Hilda, Phyllis, oh, no, yes, I can, my Mom raised me well, do you mind if I just lie down for a few minutes, my, my head is swimming, don't you find this room rather hot, when I see Dr Bronsky, I lie on a couch and sometimes fall asleep, is that disrespectful, do you think? after all, he's sitting in his chair listening to me, focussing on what I tell him, which certainly isn't about the Rec and Lolly, but he's doing his job and all I have to do is talk, but one day I fell asleep and woke to find Dr Bronsky had moved his chair up close, probably so he could hear what I was saying, probably just mumbling, and he seemed to be listening to my heart, the poor man thought I was ill, but he was most solicitous and I really appreciate that in a man, it's more of a feminine trait, usually, solicitude and empathy, but I do find you extremely empathetic, or is it empathic? certainly not pathetic, oh, I'm rambling, I don't know what's got into me today, probably a sense of relief at being able to talk openly about Lolly and the Rec, I feel I owe you, no, no, you may say you are only doing your job, but Phelan, is that okay, if I call you Phelan, well, Phelan—is that Scottish? oh Gaelic? wow, how romantic!—you have been so sensation, no, sensitive and understanding about my position. . . . .well, the position I'm in, no, not here, at home, in my life, and with Lolly, with Roger and my secrets about the Rec, sometimes I want to just blurt it out, tell him everything, but I couldn't, I can't, it would kill him, so I just put it in a little box and place it in a little closet deep in my mind where it wont hurt Roger, or the kids, I'll never tell him, it's my secret, well, mine and Lolly's, yes, and yours too now, and I know that I can trust you, I can, can't I? what do you mean, 'if I play my cards right'? we aren't playing cards, are we? oh, I'm getting quite confused, do you mind if I just shut my eyes for a few minutes, I think I need a little rest, after talking about all that stuff, do you mind? thankyou. . . . .yes, of course, if you want to, it's your room and your bed, you can rest yourself wherever you want, I'm hardly in a position to object, am I? here, I'll just budge over a little, how's that? it's so peaceful, thankyou for drawing over the curtains, it helps to keep out the light, and it's just like a pleasant twilight now, much more restful, I do appreciate your support, Phelan and hope that we can maybe together find out what's happened to Lolly, if you do have a wife or girlfriend she's a lucky lady to have you, but it's okay, you don't have to tell me anything you don't want to, yes, you can hold my hand, thankyou, that is very comforting, I do appreciate your consideration, and I hope you won't think me rude if I just, yawn, and drift off for a little, no, no, suit yourself, thankyou, Phelan, mmmmmm that'd be nice, just half a glass will be enough, you are a perfect gentleman, a perfect Highland Gentleman, oh, feel free, don't mind me, oh, I see you've got a little totem on a chain around your neck, what is it? oh, a fellow with a sword! and the words? oh, my goodness, 'THIS*I'LL*DEFEND' how fascinating, oh, I see, a Scottish Clan Badge, oh that is lovely, very masculine, yes, very manly, oh no, thank you . . . . . . . . 

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Sunday, August 30, 2020 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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