Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


But before they reached the door, there was a sound rather like that familiar oneto most peopleof a milk bottle falling off a window ledge and smashing onto the cobbles six stories below and they both froze and then turned slowly on their heels, just as the door of a broom-cupboard flew open and two dishevelled figures tumbled out, along with an assortment of buckets, mops and brushes, and Ruby said: "who on Earth. . . . .?" while MacFarlane said: "oh, fuck!" as the two men disentangled themselves and rose to their feet, clinging for balance and dear life to the nearest tables and chairs, almost as if their whole world had suddenly tilted, which, in a sense, of course it had: "where, in the name o the wee man, are we?" asked the smaller of the two, a man who seemed to have been rooked by life, giving him a saturnine look and at this precise moment, an extremely bitterly and uncompromisingly saturnine outlook, for hadn't two of his beloved children been lost in the explosion of a ruptured gas main, only to later be identified as the authors of a piece of Glaswegiana on an ancient wall, perhaps the first true example of graffiti in Scotland, dating back to the days of the Roman occupation of Caledonia, and his travelling companion, a sturdy prop-forward of a man, builtas they would often put it in Hawick or Galashielslike a brick ootside cludgie, straightened himself, fixed one eye on MacFarlane, who seemed to be weighing up his chances of escape, and the other on Ruby, noting her open mouth and her lips which were ruby-red, and in a rambunctious voice, as often heard in the Sheriff or District Courts of his native Borderlands when he defended surly Shepherds and pensive Poachers, or castigated lordly Landowners on behalf of timid Tenant Farmers, as on the Rugby field where Melrose expected always to reign supreme, particularly in their own invention, Sevens, which carried well in the spicy Thai restaurant, said: "fancy meeting you in this setting, MacFarlane, do you come here often? or only when Chance lends a hand?" and he bowed, somewhat shakily towards Ruby and offered her a huge hand which looked as if it was capable of holding her entire body in it's grasp, saying directly to her: "humble apologies for bursting in on you like this, Madam, but we were on our way from Dungannon to Carrickfergus and seem to have taken a turn for the worse, probably the best one can expect when riding shooting stars by the seat of one's pants and no celestial map to help keep us on the straight and narrow, a bit like your friend here, or is that stretching things a little? please allow me to introduce ourselves, as Paddy thereAKA Sir Parlane MacFarlane, sought by Police, Gendarmes, and Okhrana everywhere, and very likely even the Spanish Inquisitionseems unwilling to do so, my name is Alec Curle, Writer to the Signet, Solicitor of Melrose, Roxburghshire and my boon companion, here, is Connor O'Hare, Tram Driver for Glasgow Corporation, devout Catholic, devoted Husband and doting Father, two of whose boys seem to have fallen down a worm-hole and landed in Ancient Times, by way of an intricate network of tunnels which link interstices in the fabric of Space/Time and about which your friend seems to be El Supremo and all-round Whizz-Kid with all sorts of nefarious wheezes up his sleeve which could not only alter history but bring an untimely end to Space/Time itself, in the same way that an Oceanic Earthquake can trigger a Tsunami capable of destroying whole continents and civilisations, or a Volcanic Eruption can blot out the sun, bring about an Ice Age and wipe out every Dinosaur in the wink of a Creator-God's eye, and we are at your service," and he bowed, slightly, feeling as he did so, that it would be too easy to topple over in an extremely ignominious and embarrassing way.

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Sunday, September 27, 2020 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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