Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


"So whit in the name o the Wee Man did ye fund oot aboot the wummin in nummer 5 an the auld guy in nummer 6?" said MacFarlane, lapsing into his native dialect with the stress and strain he had been carrying, and Doubleday looked right and left, as if checking there was still no-one else in the room, which there wasn't, then said, "they're a' sum kinna Opra Cumpny, six o thum, claim tae be the best therr is, in the hale wurld, cry theirsels a Supergroup, name o Crème de la Crème," and "thon's intrestin," mused MacFarlane, "soons awfy familiar, am sure ah've heerd it afore, tho ah canny think whaur," and Doubleday nodded, "wisnae therr a geezer cried Ginger innit?" but MacFarlane waved the thought aside, "ye've goat ginger on the brain, though a wudnae mind a wee sup o Irn Bru masel sumtime, but tellus, who ur the six fowk?" and Doubleday counted on his fingers: wan, the leader, a Dutchman, sum kinda Pilot, divnae ken whit kind o plane but, he's whit they cry Bosso Profundo, the Big Boss ah reckon; twa, the Barber, he's Spanish, fae Seville, whaur the marmalade cums fae," and MacFarlane asked, "Figaro," but Doubleday shook his head, "nah, ah think it's oranges, no figs," so MacFarlane slapped him, "his name, comprende? is it Figaro?" but Doubleday shook his head again, "soonded like Fred tae me, an he's a Barry Tony, which ah think means an Italian fae Wales, ye ken, Barry Island, mind we wis there aince? okay, threi, The Merry Widdy Wummin, an ah kin tell ye, she's richt merry, boy, can she gaun? kept me herd at it aw nicht, reed raw ah wis," but he stopped when MacFarlane raised his hand again, then continued, "weel, she's a Contralto, whitevva thon is; okey dokey, fower, a young lassie, she wis merrit but her auld fellah did a runner oan the waddin nicht, took aw their coin o the realm, left them skint, an the Opra he wis writin, aye, see this guy Joe, he wis the author, an noo they're searchin fur him, cos wi'oot the Opra therrs no much they kin dae, onywey, she's the Buttured Bride," which Macfarlane interrupted, "don't you mean Bartered Bride? that's a Opra," and Doubleday grinned, "maybe, boss, bit ah cried her buttured cos ah got the idea fae thon filum, Lost Tingle in Paris, mind yon Merlin Bando took the buttur an'. . . . ." then shut up when he saw MacFarlane's face darken, "onywey, she's the Messy Soprano, which soons like a Mafioso kinda name, but they telt me it's cos she's a soubrette, which is like sophomoric, or sophomoronic, or whitevva it's like, ah'm gettin therr, so, nummer five, an six, they're cried Tristan an Isolde, an ah think she's anuvva Soprano, bit no sae messy this time, an he's sposed tae be a Tenner, which must be like twa Fivers, so a guess he kin sing twa tunes fer the price o ane, an that's them, three wummin in apertment 5 and three geezers in nummer 6 which, by the wey, is mair like a museum, fu o aw sorts an kinds o prehistoric arts and crafts, like, wee bit things a body cood cairy aboot in the aulden days an nane o them seem tae ken much aboot it, but ah fund a letter in a drawer, tae their Landlord, seems he'd bin askin sumdy fer a valuation, ah guess he didnae ken much aboot it eether an they wrote back seyin the best offer wud be $5 million, no near as much as the insurance wud be peyin oot tae the Museum o Aunty Quitties, but in the circumstances, a fair cash in haun deal, tak it or leeve it," and he pulled a folded piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to MacFarlane who read it with interest, "the fuckin crook!" he almost shouted with glee, "it's only Roger Fuckin Meddler, he's obviously knocked this stuff off fae the Town or County or State Museum an the fence is offerin five million, Jesus it must be worth a fortune, sez here it's 'a Unique Collection of Indigenous Art Mobilier' an it's in thon room," pointing in the direction of apartment 6, an nane o them realizes, talk aboot hidden in plain sight, maks me wunder aboot the missing author though, could he be the ane went aff wi Lolly?" and Doubleday laughed, "weel, he certenly took the Opra Cumpny's lolly a richt! cood thon hae bin tae finance a disappearance, boss?"

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Saturday, October 24, 2020 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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