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Five minutes later, Tavish pulled up beside an extensively restored, five-storey, traditional rubble-built tower and proudly invited Carmen to "come inside, there're no ghostscan't say the same for spiders and mice likelybut you're welcome to join us, for as long as you're here, any friendor rivalof Hyman can join our small fellowship," and while the others seemed to melt away, he led her through the ground floor, showing her the remaining original featuresthe kitchen, store rooms, larder, gun room, mud room, cloak room and the multifarious additions he had been permitted under Listed Building Regulations—"much of the reconstruction was based on historical documents, sasines and such-like, and, of course, other houses of the period, particularly the neighbouring Darnick Tower," he pointed out of a window towards a similar property and explained, "they both belonged to ancestors of minethe Heiton's built Darnick about 1425, and owned it until fairly recently, William Fisher built this one in the 16th century, also as a tower housebut at some later time Fisher's was lowered to two stories and after a fire, abandoned, and when I inherited it from my Uncle Charlie, who'd never done anything to it, I was very lucky to get permission to rebuild and it was only a win on the Lotterythe first and last time I've ever had a win on anythingthat made it possible, it took a few years of sharing with a friend and colleague, you'll meet him later, Sam Smilesnow Sam is indeed something of a picaro, but in the best possible tastethen a couple of years ago the work was finished and I moved in and, d'you know, after living cheek-by-jowl with Sam in his cottage, I suddenly felt lonely, well, you can see, it's obviously too big for one person, so when your friends, former fellow students or whatever, turned up, literally 'out of the blue' it made sense to invite them to stay, you're a lot younger, but Hymie, Sadie, Rosie and I are much of a generation, we've got similar memories, different tastes in music and literature, much the same tendencies in politics, I'd spent most of my working life as a writer on The Scotsman and they were journalists back home so, when the idea for the Meshuggener came up, everything fell into place and, as well as the office overlooking the Square, we've got another on the top floor here, what I call The Lookout, andbecause of the Pandemic and the Lockdown through Spring and Summerwe were able to function from here, with Hymie usually going into Melrose to oversee the work there, so, The Hall, or Living Room, is on the first floor, together with the Library and Dining RoomI put in a Dumb Waiter to save wearing out the stairs!—there are three bedrooms on the second floor, that's where Sadie and Rosie are, and you can have the spare, Hymie and myself have ours up on the third floor, where I also have my studyfor what little use I make of it, certainly not much studying nowadaysand above that The Lookout, now look, you don't have any luggage, so Sadie and Rosie are looking out some things to bide you over till we can get you to the shops in Gala, no, no, no protestations, Carmen, you are our guest and will accept our hospitality without arguing," but she insisted, "while I have nothing but what I'm standing up in, I do have cash, American dollars, I'm not destitute, and if I hadn't run into Hyman, or him into me, I have plenty of experience and, as they say, where there's a will there's a way, I've always got by before," and Tavish threw up his hands, "fair enough, Carmen, we'll get you to a bank tomorrow, there aren't any in Melrose any more, there were two but both the Bank of Scotland and the Royal Bank have gone in for wilful Rationalisation and the best we have are two ATMs and a Mobile, which I've never managed to catch up with, but here's a thing, this is November 2020, what was the date when you left wherever you were?" and she paused, understanding his purpose in asking that, "don't worry, it was June 2019, so all my notes are current, do you know, it never occurred to me that I might go backward and find myself with a wad of worthless paper that hadn't yet been printed, you'd think with all the travelling I've done I would have prepared better, but this was done in something of a rush, using a portal I'd only just found and hadn't been able to check out," and Tavish patted her hand, "well, it's worked out in that regard, now, let's go back to the kitchen and find out what we can have for dinner, do you have any dietary requirements, thank God our friends aren't strict Kosher and unduly spiritatoin fact they're anything butwhich wouldn't bother me but Mrs MacPhee my housekeeper and cookshe lives in the village and was at a loss after her husband died leaving her with three bairns and I needed someoneis a good cook, but specialities can be idiosyncratic and taxing and I don't like to put upon her willingness, ah, so you eat anything, splendid, a lass after my own heart, well come and meet her and after that I'll take you up and show you your room and you can, I don't know, have a rest, or freshen up or whatever it is ladies do, and maybe, in about an hour, before dinner anyway, we can all meet for a drink in The Hall and we'll tell you about some of our experiences with MacFarlane, and maybe you'll feel able to trust us with yours."

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Saturday, November 07, 2020 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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