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Quandary Resolutions by Amalia

  • #3299 submitted 11/07/2011: apopemptic, thunderous, archipelago, canny

    Resisting the urge to deliver a thunderour apopemptic oration upon leaving the science building for the last time, the canny Jeremy contented himself with setting fire to his organic chemistry textbook, a tome by now sufficiently saturated with volatile solvents that the conflagration was impressive indeed, and an archipelago of worried faces appeared in the windows of the administration building across the way.

  • #3155 submitted 09/17/2011: kitten-heel, disillusionment, bioturbation, postprandial

    Imagine my disillusionment when the promised postprandial long walk on the beach turned out to be a ramble through a muddy clam flat, where my kitten heels sank in pitifully: last time I ever go on a blind date with a wildlife biologist, I was thinking, while up ahead, oblivious, he exclaimed, "this is such great Polychaete habitat; just look at all the bioturbation!"

  • #3125 submitted 08/27/2011: ubiquitous, best, torpor, personalia

    Among the legions of personalia that facebook funneled into my brain, riddled with the ubiquitous your/you're errors, the only thing that bested the torpor of Saturday afternoon was a video of the hurricane from space.

  • #3100 submitted 08/17/2011: marrow, halation, toplofty, jointure

    The halation emanating from the window in the background and the steam rising from the freshly served platter of marrow on the dark mahogany dining table (a jointure, it turns out, along with the gold-rimmed china and the slightly misshapen silver punch bowl) make it difficult to discern Aunt Agatha's features in the photograph, although a hint of her toplofty air comes through from the general tilt of her nose and chin and the way that Uncle Dagobert, here in the lower left, leans away from her and gestures to the unknown viewer as if to say, "whatever will become of me?"

  • #3085 submitted 08/11/2011: impresa, raggle-taggle, adventitious, billet

    Later in her life, no one believed that the fabulously wealthy Frederica von Fugglestaff had gotten her start as a botanist, billeted among raggle-taggle comrades in the far reaches of the Amazon studying the adventitious roots of Clusia when she spotted the mysterious impresa on the jungle-festooned pyramid that led to her discovery of the Seven Cities of Cibola.

  • #2832 submitted 05/14/2011: parky, dénouement, breadbasket, misnomer

    Surveying the wind-blasted Kalmykian desert, Struthers meditated glumly on the dénouement of his cross-continental journey and cursed himself once more for believing the propaganda that had called this place "the breadbasket of the central Asian steppe" and "a trifle parky in winter" (where did these brochure-writers learn their English?) "yet luxuriantly tepid in August."

  • #2825 submitted 05/12/2011: philtrum, psephology, palooka, Zeitgeist

    It was easy to dismiss Maynard as a mere palooka when he came off the ropes flailing his fists in random directions, but a surprise jab to his opponent's philtrum, delivered with such aplomb that the man was upended, convinced me that he was the one I had been looking for: the Zeitgeist of boxing was changing, and his scattershot brilliance was enough that I vowed then and there to give up my study of psephology, that dry study of percentage points, and dedicate myself full-time to the flesh-and-blood world of the ring.

  • #2815 submitted 05/10/2011: poetaster, petrichor, factoid, animalcule

    The ripe, heady petrichor wafting out of the marsh, signaling the first rains of invierno in Guanacaste, distracted my students from their books and microscopes; pithy factoids went unread and animalcules swam unheeded in their Petri dishes, and the class poetaster was moved to pen an ode to Dan Janzen instead of working on his dichotomous key.

  • #2794 submitted 05/04/2011: jehu, vestiary, wane, bushwhack

    My interest in giving my life story to jehus has waned since I first came to this country, and now when I hop in a taxi and my vestiary peculiarities immediately mark me as a foreigner, I bushwhack the inevitable conversation with a simple "no speak English."

  • #2793 submitted 05/04/2011: jehu, vestiary, wane, bushwhack

    My interest in giving my life story to jehus has waned since I first came to this country, and now when I hop in a taxi and my vestiary peculiarities immediately mark me as a foreigner, I bushwhack the inevitable conversation with a simple "no speak English."

  • #2772 submitted 04/30/2011: dowlas, palustral, shivaree, effloresce

    Immersed in her Thomas Hardy novel, reading of the strange palustral lives of the dowlas-clad commoners of yore, who gathered wythes and other unknown consonant-heavy nouns from their palustral environs and celebrated archaic shivarees under a gloomy sky, Victoria scarcely noticed the extravagant efflorescence of the wisteria outside the picture window.

  • #2739 submitted 04/23/2011: ditty-box, fuliginous, meme, peregrinate

    "Call me newfangled," Richards said, "but 'fuliginous ditty-box' seems a meme rather unlikely to peregrinate broadly in the culture, meaningful though it might be to a chimney-sweep such as yourself, and thus you might be better advised to consider a different title for your first album."

  • #2622 submitted 04/01/2011: bumf, foolscap, riddle, gravitas

    The riddle of Professor Quislington's intellectual legacy is still hotly debated among academics: was his comprehensive "History of Bumf" (a sociocultural chronicle of junk mail, ending with internet spam and beginning with the unwanted piles of foolscap delivered to monasteries in the 14th century promising "all thy sins expiated at one low price") truly a watershed work, or merely an effort to lend gravitas to an utterly undeserving cultural phenomenon?

  • #2608 submitted 03/30/2011: pugnacious, pepo, proximity, lucre

    Quimby was seldom pugnacious, but when the Brobdingnagian pumpkin that he had carefully guarded all season vanished the night before the county fair, only to turn up on the grand prize pedestal galardoned with ribbons bespeaking lucre and with his hated neighbor's name affixed, he lashed out at both man and pepo, and then fell into a fit of howling conniptions that quite discombobulated all the ladies in his proximity.

  • #2491 submitted 03/07/2011: corniche, putative, collop, chortle

    Wanda could not help chortling to herself as she assembled the latest brochure for her scenic international weight loss program, pasting in a photo of a putative tourist (much more svelte than her targeted participants) strolling along a corniche in Ireland with a 300-foot drop to the sea on one side: "this'll scare the collops off them!"

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