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Quandary Resolutions by Blackbird

  • #1782 submitted 09/24/2010: tedium, cartographic, demeanor, frabjous

    Though Dingle assumes an excitable demeanor when talking about cartography, he produces drab works of striking insignificance; whereas Berry, who acts as though cartography is full of tedium, still produces frabjous work that even Lewis and Clark would envy.

  • #1776 submitted 09/23/2010: elegy, koan, reminisce, diaphanous

    Urged by an elegy about my late Professor Dingleberry, I couldn't help but reminisce about a koan he broached when I was a student; a koan, which at the time I thought flimsy and diaphanous, however, a koan which is still unanswered today: Why are we conscious of the way we think?

  • #1766 submitted 09/22/2010: extenuate, bereave, permeable, agog

    I was least agog but rather permeating with anger when John bereft me of my favorite toy, which was the only thing that extenuated my insanity.

  • #1258 submitted 05/20/2010: Achilles' heel, kinematic, bully pulpit, plucky

    The plucky politician stood on his bully pulpit, ranting invectives at his opposition, while pointing here, kicking there, swaying left, leaning right and moving in a most active, kinematic manner; but this active speaking style turned out to be his Achilles' heel because his listeners either thought that he was crazy or that he was suffering from epilepsy.

  • #1241 submitted 05/16/2010: anthimeria, insofar as, Promethean, eidetic

    Jack's Promethean creativity in producing eidetic images of the bucolic country life is only good insofar as he did not overuse anthimeria in his writings.

  • #1207 submitted 05/07/2010: vellicate, deicide, intoxicate, eristic

    Intoxicated with Dionysius' wine, Homer Simpson engaged Apollo in an eristic argument over who had better hair; but as Apollo attempted to vellicate one of Homer's two hairs, Homer stabbed him--committing deicide.

  • #1185 submitted 05/03/2010: asseverate, rax, repine, jnana

    As Sam raxed in bed, with no one to his side, he was overcome by lonely jnana: with a dern sigh, repining over his lovely Brittany, whom he now regretted leaving, he asseverated his longing for a partner, “Too often loneliness has been my lover.”

  • #1182 submitted 05/02/2010: dernly, cogent, artifice, sesquipedalianism

    Though Mr. Stevenson was confident in his oratorical artifice -- at times believing that his words were more cogent than logic itself -- he did not know that his sesquipedalian attempts to be convincing were thought by his listeners to be not only untenable, but also rather dern.

  • #1174 submitted 05/01/2010: compersion, mayday, pianistic, omnific

    With a deep sense of animus, nowhere near a feeling of compersion, Rudy detested Blackbird's pianistic superiority--declaring that he, with his omnific musical skills, could play better; but when Rudy attempted to play, ears started to bleed, owls started to hoot, bats lost their trajectory, and cave lizards, to whom hearing is difficult, had to request mayday to stop the cacophony.

  • #1167 submitted 04/29/2010: accrete, napiform, palimpsest, valetudinarian

    After years of eating a palimpsestic assortment of nachos and cheese, with its various layers of deliciousness, Magleby slowly accreted more cellulite, becoming valetudinarian and turning his once chiseled body into a napiform monstrosity.

  • #1161 submitted 04/28/2010: callithump, crenellation, clement, pellucid

    As the callithumpian mob broke the crenellation set up by the police, it became pellucid to the police officers that this was no time to be clement, but to use brute force to suppress the mob.

  • #1154 submitted 04/27/2010: sass, jinx, soi-disant, quash

    After suffering an hour of sass from the soi-disant bad boy student, the teacher decided to quash his disrespectful backtalk, but before she could say a word, the student jinxed her, saying: "Avada Kedavra!"

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