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Quandary Resolutions by Bud Myte

  • #8182 submitted 10/17/2019: Sunday driver, thwart, maunder, retractation, n.

    That notatable eye-rich man, Mister Germ's Choice, the done-say deriver, harried, laundered, and - morsel by morceau - maundered his plainly livid thalweg from A to A vicoriously, thought-thwarting High Court Enforcement officers (from their impending pussy-pedal-farting post-prandial peregrinative Sunday driver Exagmination round his Factification for Incamination of Work in Progress) by embarking upon an allmost wakeful fine egged-on Retractation resulting in a (or b) tankfull of malty-tongued semblant Simplification.

  • #8180 submitted 10/16/2019: blue Monday, chicory, genial, heliosphere, n.

    Presented to new interns as a godlike Sun King, the chief executive had today arrived at his desk in such an ungenial blue Monday mood that when innocent Fiona cautiously, deferentially, set before him not his customary caffeine shot but a restorative chicory coffee you could have heard his violent expostulations ricocheting around the outer reaches of the heliosphere.

  • #8176 submitted 10/15/2019: Sunday punch, beg to differ, belfry, bubbleable, adj.

    Reeling from the Sunday punch given him by the stench of rat droppings and bat guano, our elderly sexton shakily confirmed that there were numerous common pipistrelles in the belfry and that they mustn't be removed; but since I knew him to a bubbleable simpleton I said that I begged to differ, readily persuading him that - since under recent legislation bats were (as I maintained) no longer deemed to be a protected species - he should get on to diocesan pest control immediately.

  • #8174 submitted 10/14/2019: Friday face, Woozle effect, exoteric, eiron, n.

    Charged by his publisher with the task of making from the Greek an exoteric rendition, he at once assumed the cowed Friday face of a hungry petitioner, and with the quiet irony of a born eiron grieved that - pace the 'Woozle effect' notion that translation is a doddle -  it was altogether beyond his humble powers to render Homer's πολυφλοισβοιο as other than 'poluphloisboious', but that he was confident that from its littoral context the common reader would readily get the gist.

  • #8172 submitted 10/13/2019: Eeyore, hogshead, triskaidekaphobia, yesternight, adv. and n.

    'Had it not been for my crippling triskaidekaphobia', Arnold had half-spoken, half-sung, at yesternight's grim soiree of the Society for Private Musical Performances, 'I could have gone one better than dodecaphonicism'; and with that old Eeyore sank his pen in the hogshead of morosity that was his inkwell, and with trembling hand expunged a malevolent 'a' from his 'Moses und Aaron'.

  • #8168 submitted 10/12/2019: Eeyore, eyestripe, wheedle, scriptor, n.1

    When the Headmaster was seen to return his pen with such deliberation to its scriptor, our lad - no Eeyore, more the cheeky chappie - had glumly to accept that he couldn't wheedle his way out of detention this time for having painted 'go-faster' black eyestripes on the school's bichon frise.

  • #8166 submitted 10/11/2019: Eeyore, oology, idée fixe, titch, n.1

    You may, Jenkins, disparage my insistence on the maintenance of high academic standards as an outmoded idee fixe, and you may indeed assert the right to title your thesis on collecting Japanese quail eggs 'How to blow, like, them cute titchy little fellers', but - call me an old Eeyore if you will - I have every expectation that any External Examiner in Conservation Caliology and Oology will tolerate neither the tautology nor the grammatical solecisms, nor for that matter, the distressingly lax demotic patois.

  • #8164 submitted 10/10/2019: Tapleyism, nide, blandish, CRUD, n.2

    If you chance upon a cunningly concealed nide of feral pheasants it's no use trying to coax them out or blandish them with assurances of their succulence, for no excess of Tapleyism will actually see them set about plucking one another in readiness; far better spend your time in anthrozoological investigation to learn if they can master computer CRUD, for it is long established that some ptarmigan (also of the order Galliformes) are tolerably proficient in creating, reading, updating, and deleting files.

  • #8162 submitted 10/09/2019: Debbie Downer, style, scapegoat, hand-me-down, adj. and n.

    "As long as I live at home and am required to style you 'mother' I suppose I must wear my sister's hideous hand-me-downs; but when I then look a bit glum I won't put up with being called a scruffy, moping Debbie Downer, since it seems to me I'm just a scapegoat sacrificed to your stubbornness in refusing alimony."

  • #8160 submitted 10/08/2019: Tigger, dojo, caustic, satyagraha, n.

    After another pick-me-up at the Drones Club I moseyed blithely across to the jolly old dojo expecting a spot of chokehold training from my black belt sensei (and gentleman's gentleman), but today he was feeling rather less than Tiggerish, cheerlessly proposing with polite insistence a contactless session of satyagraha, and even failing to blanch at my most practised, caustic rebuke:  'I say, Jeeves, that takes the giddy biscuit!'

  • #8158 submitted 10/07/2019: Gummidge, machicolation, redound, misexpression, n.

    "Excuse me, Deirdre, it was not I who was guilty of misexpression but you of misprision, for far from reviling you as a machinating slut I was simply drawing to your attention that machicolation slit atop the castle ramparts, and so I would thank you to grow out of your Mrs Gummidge chunterings, which do not redound to your credit."

  • #8156 submitted 10/06/2019: delphinestrian, evert, amaranthine, powhead, n.

    Despite everting my trouser pockets in search of small change I still didn't have enough for Jimmy's go on the big carousel, so instead of the promised equestrian and delphinestrian rides we had to make do with the kiddies' ramshackle roundabout, where a flaking amaranthine frog, with its legless cohort of juvenile powheads, had been skewered into place long, long ago.

  • #8154 submitted 10/05/2019: delphinestrian, wh-question, divulge, girolle, n.

    'Why? - because it's both cruel and tacky', said Suzy, turning in disgust from the aquarium's timetable of daredevil delphinestrian displays, 'and if you have any more stupid wh-questions just remember that when we first met I divulged to you my passion for wild mushroom hunting, notably girolles, and I could right now be out foraging for them and' (she added) 'for another boyfriend.'

  • #8152 submitted 10/04/2019: delphinestrian, orient, futhark, downtoner, n.

    "I suppose they're quite nice, really", admitted little Sandra, downtoning any excitement at viewing a fearless delphinestrian balanced astride her surging mount; while, for the benefit of a group of elderly runologists already oriented towards the aquarium exit, the creature was made to spell out spumes of abecedarian letters - f, u, th, a, r, k - to eventual recognition (oh, right, 'futhark') and a perfunctory scatter of applause.

  • #8150 submitted 10/03/2019: anacoluthon, festschrift, pursy, meech, v.

    Particularly in view of the fact that you regularly meeched from our late Emeritus Professor Rugose's final lecture series, your colleagues' view is that they are under no obligation to accept your wholly unsuitable contribution to the forthcoming Festschrift: 'His nibs' predilection for anacoluthonic irrigation; non sequitur inferior monologues of pursy mouthings'.

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